Last week CNN international had a poll to determine the coolest nationalities in the world. Brazilians were voted #1 and Singaporeans were voted #2 and Jamaicans were voted #3. There’s more to Jamaicans than reggae, including Rastafarian (the most kick-back religion ever invented), an accent that’s the envy of the English-speaking world and the planet’s […]

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien came on the TJMS this morning to give her take on why the progress in rebuilding Haiti’s infrastructure has been so slow. In case you missed the interview, we have the audio available for you to listen.

CNN and Headline News are giving families the amazing opportunity to send their loved ones in the Armed Forces a digital salute with custom audio, photos, and messaging while they are at camp or overseas. Make your own “Salute To Troops” Tribute

The National Hurricane Center has issued a hurricane warning for the Gulf of Coast from Baffin Bay, Texas to La Cruz, Mexico. The warning has been enforced because the conditions and tropical storm-force winds are expected in the projected areas within 36 hours. Tropical Storm Alex approached hurricane strength early Tuesday and has been on […]

Joran van der Sloot recently confessed, but is this another false alarm? Check out additional perspectives on the latest international headlines this morning with 1230AM WDBZ The Buzz.

Fire hazards and vehicles? Bad combination. Find out how the latest car-related recall affects you inside now.

Christian music artist Jennifer Knapp comes back and comes out.

Larry King talks to Joel & Victoria Osteen about Tiger Woods and what steps he needs to take.