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Cincinnati homeowners will be paying more in property taxes next year. City council has voted to increase the rate to pay for several building projects. The owner of a $100,000 home will see taxes increase by about $10 a year. However, the increase does not cover any of the city’s budget deficit. Click here to […]

Cincinnati City Council held a special meeting Tuesday night in at Midway Elementary in Westwood to talk about violence in all parts of Cincinnati. Council approved a motion to restore $250,000 of funding for Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence, or CIRV. CIRV’s funding was cut dramatically at the start of 2010. Click here to read […]

It may be the beginning of May, but Cincinnati city officials are already prioritizing the funding for next year’s city budget. Yesterday they met with consultants, who gathered opinion from residents on how they would like their tax dollars spent. One of the programs that could receive more funding next year is “CIRV“, the Cincinnati […]

Is city council off to a bad start? According to Christopher Smitherman, he thinks so. The councilman, and NAACP chapter president, argues that the councils financial priorities are backwards. Since council was sworn in, they have debated over topics such as spending 4.4 million dollars to convert City Hall’s courtyard into a wedding atrium. Smitherman […]

Yesterday the voters in Cincinnati sent three new candidates to council choosing P.G. Sittenfeld, Yvette Simpson , Chris Seelbach and returning Christopher Smitherman to City Hall.  Voters sent four Republicans packing –  Leslie Ghiz, Amy Murray, Chris Bortz and Wayne Lippert; while keeping incumbents Wendell Young, Cecil Thomas,Charlie WInburn, Laure Quinlivan and Roxanne Qualls.  Call […]

It’s finally here, it’s Election Day! All the political ads on TV, Radio, and the Internet end today! But before it’s all over, we want to know how you voted in today’s election, or if you haven’t voted yet, but plan on it before the polls close. Recent Stories: Why Vote? Top 10 Reasons To […]

Cincinnati city councilwoman Amy Murray is our special guest host on today’s edition of The Lincoln Ware Show. Filling in during Lincoln Ware’s absence, Murray is taking live calls from the listening audience about a variety of top concerns, issues and dilemmas with the current state of our city council. Do you have a question, […]

Cincinnati City Councilman Charlie Winburn is calling on Mayor Mark Mallory and all of City Council to cancel their traditional 2-month summer recess in order to develop a long term plan to fend off another possible budget deficit. Winburn said in a press release that another $60 million budget deficit is possible. He said the […]

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, if  all 275 Cincinnati police officers and firefighters agree to $20 million in salary cuts and other concessions, they could keep their jobs in a deal offered by City council members and avoid layoffs on January 2. Apparently, the budget discussions got heated and city council members invited union leaders and […]

Yesterday city councilman Charlie Winburn proposed an idea of an amnesty program, which lets people pay their late parking tickets, taxes, and other payments to the city without penalty. This program will give people two months to come clean with their fines, fees, and taxes. He believes that collecting this revenue could be enough to spare the layoffs […]

It’s not too late to voice your opinion, of next year’s 2011 Cincinnati City Budget, to city council! Several public hearings are scheduled between tonight and December 15th. The first meeting will be tonight at 6 pm. at the Duke Energy Center. Of course you’ve been hearing the news about what’s to come in this […]

Next year, if you’re in city limits and you want your trash to be picked up, you will have to pay $20.50 a month to the city of Cincinnati. This is just one of the several measures city manager Milton Dohoney has proposed to city council to make up for a 60 million dollar budget […]