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Renovations can now begin on Cincinnati Music Hall. City council yesterday approved at 75 year lease to a non-profit group. The city can cancel that lease if that group does not raise 50 million dollars for the project within two years. Recent Stories: Fatal Mt. Airy Shooting Leaves One Dead Local Church Raises Money For […]

It appears Cincinnati residents will vote on the city’s parking system lease this November. A group, opposing the plan, turned in nearly 20,000 signatures yesterday to put the referendum on the ballot. City officials are threatening to lay off police and firefighters without upfront lease funds.Meanwhile, city council is looking for alternatives to those cuts. […]

A prevailing wage requirement for City of Cincinnati contractors will soon be in effect. City Council has voted to require a union wage of $23/hour in order to qualify for city work. Supporters call it a measure to prevent worker exploitation, but critics are worried about additional costs. For more on this story, check out […]

Cincinnati City Council will vote tomorrow on the plan to lease its parking operations to the port authority. Council’s finance committee has recommended approval, but only after dividing it into the lease approval. There’s also a separate measure for spending the parking revenue. The change makes the lease subject to being overturned by voters. Here’s […]

Cincinnati City Council could vote today on the lease of the city’s parking operations. Council leaders told local news that the finance committee has the issue on its agenda, with a vote taken if there are five “yes” votes for the plan. The Port Authority, and three private companies, would pay 92 million dollars upfront […]

Cincinnati’s City Manager is warning city council, and opponents of privatized parking, of the drastic cuts coming if the parking deal is not approved. Milton Dohoney wrote a memo to city council, outlining a list of all the budget cuts to take place should they choose not to accept the privatized parking deal. Some of […]

Former Cincinnati Mayor David Mann is planning a new run for city council this year. The enquirer reports that the former politician will announce his bid today at his law office. Click here to read more. Recent Stories: Escaped Ky. Inmates Captured in Cincinnati Who Turned Off the Lights at the Super Bowl? Can You […]

Cincinnati City Council is exploring the idea of purchasing single open-air toliets for the city. Councilman Chris Seelbach is proposing to buy a single, open-air, restroom that is reportedly worth over $100,000. The restroom, made of graffiti-resistant material, would be powered by solar panels and be open 24 hours a day. While Seelbach suggests putting […]

Cincinnati residents, who spoke at a public meeting night on next year’s budget, raised concerns about the proposed cuts. City council is considering a spending plan that ends community programs and the mounted police unit, while privatizing city-owned parking lots. Click here to read more. Recent Stories: Fay Apartments Get a New Makeover Next Year’s […]

Cincinnati City Council will get its first look today at the upcoming city budget. City manager Milton Dohoney‘s spending plan includes a $34 million dollar deficit, that he wants to close by privitizing the city’s parking lots. Next year’s budget does not recommend layoffs, and was crafted with public input to prioritize what residents say […]

Cincinnati City Council is expected to give city manager, Milton Dohoney, his first raise in five years. Members will vote today on a 9% pay hike, and a $35,000 performance bonus for him. It was also agreed in Wednesday’s preliminary vote, that Dohoney will receive a severance package with 12 months’ salary and a year’s […]

There’s money in place to build the Cincinnati Streetcar line. Cincinnati City Council voted, last night, to move $29 million from other funds to the project. It’s an effort to keep the project on track, as they are negotiating with Duke Energy on the relocation of power lines. The vote followed three hours of debate, […]