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The decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana was an idea that many citizens in Cincinnati thought would pass this Wednesday, with the support from many city council members it seemed that it was no brainer. A few hours after the voting took place on Wednesday,, the results came back, and the idea was sent back […]

  Sadly many adults don’t understand why the #BlackLiesMatter movement was started.  But little Zianna Oliphant understands clearly why and expressed herself so well before the Charlotte City Council telling them exactly what our cries and anger have been all about. Zianna we applaud your courage and and honestly! The city of Charlotte errupted the day […]

A Hamilton County judge will decide today whether Cincinnati’s parking lease can go forward. Critics of the lease asked the courts, yesterday, to block the pact unless city council votes again. They say so many changes were made to the lease by the port authority, that the original plan is invalid.   Click here to […]

Cincinnati city council’s looking for ways to avoid drawn out budget battles within two years. They began investigating balancing moves, Tuesday, including spending cuts, new taxes for the city’s public safety and parks departments. City council could also bump up the tax on sports and entertainment tickets. Recent Stories: Ft. Thomas Woman Expected to Survive […]

Dozens of Cincinnati city workers who face layoffs this year won’t lose their jobs. City council restored nearly four million dollars in cuts yesterday, after receiving higher than expected income tax revenues. Recent Stories: Record-Breaking Attendance for Macy’s Music Festival Officer-Involved Shooting in Clifton Leaves one Dead. Over The Rhine Indoor Pool to Convert Into […]

The Port of Greater Cincinnati Development authority wants in on the city’s recent 92 million dollar deal to lease the parking operations. Port president Laura Brunner has requested 1/3rd of the cut when the lease is finalized. City council’s yet to allocate the funds that expects to receive from the lease agreement with private interests. […]

At least one Cincinnati city councilman wants a public hearing on the recently uncovered criticism of the city’s parking lease. Charle Winburn is calling for the finance committee to investigate the circumstances of the opinion that privatizing the parking was a bad deal. City Manager Milton Dohoney claims the memo was kept under wraps, because […]

Cincinnati’s streetcar project will move ahead with more taxpayer help. City council’s budget committee has approved spending an additional 17 million dollars on the project to cover a construction deficit. Relocation of utility lines are already underway. Recent Stories: Relief at the Pump Coming This Week Prosecutors Seek Murder Charges for Pizza Store Owner Killer […]

Cincinnati City Council’s working on a budget that would keep all police and firefighter jobs intact for the coming year. The plan supported by council’s finance committee would reduce tax increment financing payments and the city’s contingency budget to spare all safety forces jobs. City council has until Saturday to approve this year’s budget. Click […]

Cincinnati City Council’s working under a Friday deadline, to fix the city’s budget while reducing police and firefighter layoffs. Firefighters are watching the debate closely, as there is a plan on the table that would eliminate the threat of layoffs. Recent Stories: WTH? Ohio Parents Busted For Taking Their Six Kids To Sell Crack Taste […]

Dozens of Cincinnati Police officers are bracing for layoffs that city officials say might not actually happen. Notices went out to 66 officers, Tuesday, but the chances are good that the number will be lower. City council’s debating a plan that reduces police position cuts to 25, and retains all firefighters. Recent Stories: Hearings Continue […]

Nearly three dozen people spoke up during a three hour hearing on Cincinnati’s budget, Thursday night. A third proposal was unveiled by city council, earlier yesterday, that would eliminate all firefighter layoffs and limit police cuts to a few officers through furloughs. Click here to read more, or check out the video above. Recent Stories: […]