—– This month, NewsOne presents a special exploration of Black Americans’ influence on social media, #TWEETING WHILE BLACK. —– Navarrow Wright has a mission. “It’s easier to become an entrepreneur than it is to be a rapper,” he often tells people. SEE ALSO: INFOGRAPHIC: A History Of Black Twitter Wright, the chief technical officer of […]

InteractiveOne Chief Technology Officer Navarrow Wright appeared in tonight’s edition of Black in America 4 which focused on the lack of African Americans in Silicon Valley and the technology industry. During the show, Wright implored some of the members of the NewMe Accelerator to be harder on themselves, and to make sure they show up […]

Mario Armstrong has too many titles to even name. But we will this one time. He’s a tech expert, tech show host, commentator, digital lifestyle expert, small business technology advocate, and youth tech motivator. Continue livetweeting here With the exploration by CNN of Blacks in the technology industry in their newest Black in America series […]

Company: Playd Age: 25 Hometown: Newark, N.J. After graduating from high school, I was living a seriously bum life. I was sitting around doing nothing on the couch, playing the video games I’d loved for years. Eventually I knew I had to change something, and I had an itch to start creating. I started contributing […]

Black in America 4 premieres tonight at 8 p.m. EST and will take a look into the technology industry and the lack of African Americans in it. It will explore whether discrimination is the main reason for the lack of Black faces in Silicon Valley, or if there are just a lack of Black technology […]

Over the next few weeks, NewsOne.com will highlight 3 Black entrepreneurs who are part of the NewMe Accelerator. The NewMe Accelerator is a program for minority led start-ups that will house a handful of visiting start-ups during the summer of 2011 in Silicon Valley. The three entrepreneurs, Pius Uzamere, Tiffani Bell, and Chris Bennett, will […]

Soledad O’Brien’s public spanking of Tech Crunch founder Michael Arrington is, in my opinion, the stuff that legends are made of. During a recent interview, Arrington, who prides himself on covering the tech industry in detail, actually told Soledad that he doesn’t know of any Black entrepreneurs in the industry. He then had the audacity […]

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Angela Benton is the founder of BlackWeb 2.0 and the new web business developer for Black entrepreneurs, the NewMe Accelerator. InteractiveOne, the parent company of NewsOne, is a supporter of the NewMe, and has given this platform to Ms. Benton to respond to a growing controversy about a preview of an upcoming episode […]

Last week Techcrunch founder Michael Arrington raised eyebrows when he said he never met a single Black entrepreneur. *View Video Here* The words angered many in the African American technology community. See Also: Black In America 4 Exclusive Trailer See Also: CNN’s Soledad O’Brien Talks To NewsOne About NewMe Accelerator, Black In America 4 But […]

CNN correspondent Soledad O’Brien said that she doesn’t believe TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington is a racist, but adds that he was not telling the truth when claiming she ambushed him during the taping of “Black America 4,”  in a recent blog post on CNN.com. See Also: Black In America 4 Exclusive Trailer See Also: CNN’s Soledad […]

Last week, Interactive One Chief Technology Officer Navarrow Wright interviewed CNN television personality Soledad O’Brien about the network’s popular Black in America series that will premiere this November. The fourth edition, which will surely focus on the re-election campaign of President Obama — and the issue of Black unemployment — will also dedicate a large […]

Company: Fetchmob Age: 26 Hometown: Stoughton, Mass. Last year I quit my job at a hedge fund to start my own company with a co-founder, who happens to be my girlfriend Alisa Boguslavskaya. A friend of ours in North Carolina was in a lot of pain and needed to pick up some Tylenol, but he […]