Alicia Keys

Gwen Stefani, Adele , Janis Joplin and more as Alicia rocks it with Jimmy during Musical Impressions Game.

Among the thousands were Angela Davis, Alicia Keys, the Mothers of the Movement, and more — who all provided priceless moments to remember.

The HuffPost forecast model shows Clinton has a 98.2 percent chance of becoming the nation’s next president and will likely win with 323 electoral votes.

African-Americans in Ohio and Pennsylvania aren’t here for Donald Trump. According to a recent poll, zero percent of Blacks in those states said they would vote for Trump over Hillary Clinton. The poll, conducted by NBC News, The Wall Street Journal, and Marist, showed that 88 percent of the 848 Black voters from Ohio who […]

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You think you can guess which legs belong to which celebrity? Try it out and see how you fair.

Mazel Tov goes out to Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz. The couple announced they are the proud parents of new baby boy Genesis Ali, who made his…

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