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Source: Lionsgate/ Gearbox / Borderlands

Like some video games, the film for the popular looter shooter Borderlands was stuck in development hell, but Lionsgate and Gearbox pushed through, and the first trailer has finally arrived, and fans have thoughts.

The first of what will most definitely be many trailers for Borderlands gives us our first glimpse of the film and its many colorful characters from the video game in action.

Immediately, fans believe that legendary horror film director Eli Roth dipped into James Gunn’s bag for his film adaptation of the Borderlands video game because it’s definitely giving Guardians of the Galaxy vibes, and it seems to be a smart move on his part.

The Cast Looks Legit

With the film’s tone out of the way, it’s time to focus on another crucial aspect of any movie, particularly ones based on popular video game IPs, and that’s casting and how the characters look.

Hollywood royalty Cate Blanchett looks the part of fan-favorite Lilith, down to the red hair and attitude; the only thing noticeably absent is the tattoos. The film follows her as she is on a mission to find Handsome Jack’s mysterious vault full of treasure.

Jack Black, who is always down to take the role of a video game character, looks like he is still on his game following his epic performance as Bowser in Super Marios Bros. Movie as the voice of the hilarious robot Claptrap.

Scream Queen and Academy Award-winning actress Jamie Lee Curtis takes on the role of Dr. Tannis, a non-playable character in all three Borderlands video games.

Kevin Hart stars as mercenary Roland. Ariana Greenblatt is Tiny Tina, who also got her own excellent spinoff game, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, and Florian Munteanu (Creed II) plays her masked enforcer, Krieg.

Admittedly, we were a bit worried about this movie following its announcement and its development issues. But it does seem like Eli Roth could emulate the game’s energy on the big screen.

We will see if this will be a successful film adaptation of a video game or just another forgettable cash grab when it finally arrives in theaters on August 9.

You can see how X users feel about Borderlands in the gallery below.

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