We must be willing to pray, believe God and risk the challenges that go hand in hand with great victories.  If we add it all up, our gains have been greater than our losses.  Getting to the place of turnaround will require that we stop playing it safe.  We need an unrestrained connection with God […]

The psychological response to racism contributes to poor grades, researchers say. A 15-year-old Brooklyn high school student told The Atlantic that his skin color is an obstacle to getting good grades. Zion Agostini explained that, as a Black male, the cops target him for stop and frisks on the way to school. When he enters the […]

African-American athletes use their prominence and clout with increasing savvy and courage, borrowing what they know about branding to effect social change. Today, there is a new brand of black athlete. They’re courageous, high profile, and smarter than you think. These men and women are undoubtedly trendsetters who know how to use the power of […]

Kirk Franklin shared his thoughts on social media about his oldest daughter Carrington getting married on Saturday. Carrington married her best friend Maxx Nakwaasah, the pair meet when she was a student at Baylor University. Kirk and Carrington shared a lovely Daddy Daughter Dance filled with love and fun!! See Kirk’s emotional tweet and dance with […]

Christians should be part of a “church family” and not try to live spiritually on their own, says Saddleback Church senior pastor and best-selling author Rick Warren. In his Daily Hope devotional on Monday, the megachurch pastor stressed that being part of a church family is essential to fulfilling God’s purposes for one’s life. “You cannot […]

Alex Wong / Getty Images Many Americans seem to be splintering into opposing factions when it comes to race: Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter. In response, Christian rapper Lecrae, Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia) and Jeff Shinabarger, founder of Atlanta-based non-profit Plywood, recently engaged in a candid conversation that focused on race, […]

Your summer calendar may already be filled with some of the hottest concerts and festivals of the year, but does purchasing those tickets make you a hypocrite in the eyes of the Church? The great debate continues. It’s officially summer, and that means music festival season is well under way. All across the nation, music […]

No one wants to be bitter.  It sneaks up on us.  Bitterness is unforgiveness fermented.    The more we hold onto past hurts the more we become drunk on our pain and the experience can rob us of the joy we can find in anything. Bitterness occurs when we feel someone has taken something from us that we are powerless […]

It’s hard to admit that there are things beyond the comprehension of the intellectual. It’s hard to explain the unexplainable. Not the death of Prince Rogers Nelson, a death we ultimately will understand. What I’m trying to make sense of is why, over the last 11 years, black America has had one devastating day after […]

Article By CBN Cheryl grew up with 7 brothers in the predominantly black Fifth Ward neighborhood located a few minutes from downtown Houston. Her mom and dad were godly people who were committed to teaching their family the things of God.  “Christ was always at the center,” says Cheryl.  She accepted the Lord as her […]

Weeks after a woman attempted to call her out for being too revealing in her manner of dress, Meagan Good is clearing the air. During a discussion at Essence’s Women In Hollywood event, the actress addressed her critics. “What is considered modest or appropriate differs depending on any given culture and context,” Good toldEssence. “It […]

Article By Ashley Peterson One of the young ladies I mentor as a part of our singles ministry has been through a lot. At 17 years old, she was raped by her stepfather and as a result, became promiscuous. Now that she’s 21 and is learning about her identity in Christ, she holds on to […]