Daily Devotional

    So, does it not make sense to us that Love needs loved.  Love, Himself needs love!  And who are the ones to give it to Him?  We are!  We get to be the ones to give the most precious commodity we as the children of God, the brothers and sisters of Jesus, can […]

Continuing with this weeks topic..”Fruits Of The Spirit” Those of you who know me personally know that I’m a person soft-spoken when it comes to consideration for others. My husband has told me so many times, “Just cut to the chase! You will walk 5 miles around something to keep from just saying what’s really […]

In these last days, it seems harder than ever to find people who will serve in any capacity—much less ministry–with lasting devotion. In the era of contractual service, we seek an “out clause” in almost everything we say ‘yes’ to. Marriages dissolve once the honeymoon is over; parents abandon their post and leave their children […]

    This week’s topic: Living By The Word My sword and shield is my protection (Ephesians 6:17), my healing, my love, my comfort, it is The Word of God. There is much power in The Word of God. We can stand on The Word. We can believe and trust in The Word (Proverbs 3:5). […]

  There’s a saying that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. I strongly disagree. Although taking initiative and being proactive have their place, the general order of things in the Kingdom of God begins with inquiring of the Lord- ASKING FIRST. I believe that many of the issues that we […]

God holds the Nation and People of Israel very close to Himself and to Him they are very special.  So, why do we as Christians need to see Israel as special to us?   Well, to begin with, Israel is God’s Wife and our Mother!  That’s right, in Hosea God allows us to see that […]

What does the word holiness mean to you?  Often times as Christians when we hear the word holiness, we paint a picture of a certain group of people belonging to a certain type of church, wearing certain types of clothes and talking a certain way.  When I was growing up and heard the word holiness, […]

    Being rescued or being saved. How wonderful those words are to the one who is in need of being rescued. The word “saved” means “to rescue somebody or something from harm or danger; to make it possible for somebody to be spared from a situation or activity and to free somebody from the […]

  It is interesting to me, the depths the enemy will go to keep us from sharing our testimony with others. He tries to diminish the importance of our individual testimony by sending arrows of doubt as to the effectiveness of our testimony. He tries to use guilt and condemnation to keep us quiet, when […]

  I’m a dreamer, which means that many times when God has a message He wants to get across to me – a warning, a promise, a prophetic word – He delivers it in a dream, while I’m sleeping. Even now, as I look back at some of the things God has revealed to me […]

  “Just Do It” is Nike’s famous call- to-action slogan recognized around the world. It reminds me of another famous phrase that still echoes from the Bible two thousand plus years after it was uttered. Jesus had given instructions to perform his first miracle in Cana during a wedding. He ordered wine jars to be […]

  The very key to survival in life is allowing the Spirit of God to work, from the inside out. We have enough folk going around well dressed on the outside, but not looking too good on the inside. We need the spirit of God, the Holy Spirit to fill us from the inside out. […]