It’s that time of year when both federal and state legislatures deliver new laws for the general public to cover a wide range of issues that affect all of our individual and collective communities.

Effective this week, Ohio employers are mandated to provide two weeks of unpaid leave to partners or parents of injured members of the Armed Forces while Ohio state governed health insurance plans must now offer parents the opportunity to cover their children up to age 28.

Curious as to how the new laws will impact the simpler things in life? Everyone’s been talking about how important it is to maintain vehicle safety by refraining from text messaging while driving. This week it’s officially illegal to text behind the wheel, but the state plans to give you time to break the bad habit.

From July 1st through December 31st, warnings can only be issued for being caught behind the wheel texting, but as of January 1st of next year, full citations will also be implemented. Across the Ohio River, Kentucky minors can no longer use cell phones at all behind the wheel.

Traveling to Indiana any time soon? Plan on drinking responsibly? Either way, you have to show your state issued ID regardless of your age. All of these laws are in an effort to level the playing field and keep local residents in tune with ways to stay safe in our communities. How do you respond to each of the new legislative reasoning?

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