U.S. District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt issued the ruling on Friday.

A viral video capturing a White JCPenney employee performing a submission hold on an unnamed Black girl has sparked controversy.

Donald Trump is getting lots of credit for the Carrier plant deal and will be traveling to Indiana to celebrate an apparent victory.

Vandals defaced an Evansville, Indiana, church on Thanksgiving, leaving the message "Kill All Koons" on the sanctuary doors.

Indiana officials claim an organization conducting a Black voter registration drive engaged in voter fraud.

Indiana police beat and tased innocent Black man. A jury awards him just $18.

The 108-year-old Indiana man never met a sitting President until Obama visited Indiana on June 1.

Two men, one dressed as Rick James and the other as Youngblood Priest from the cult hit Super Fly, robbed a bank in Indiana.

Brian Zaragoza was leaving a Mexican market with his mother in Indianapolis Friday when shots rang out of a moving vehicle

Indiana Republicans announced a refurbished “religious freedom” measure Thursday following a rancorous debate among legislators and business leaders about protections for sexual orientation and gender…

In a complete waste of time, Indiana Governor Mike Pence held a press conference on Tuesday morning to “clarify” the intent of the law known…

We’ve heard for a few days now, people arguing back and forth about whether the religious law in Indiana is discriminatory. To say that the…