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Christian music’s Hip hop emcee and Fadacy Music artist AppleJaxx is on his way back to the scene this summer. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the name, you’ll probably remember him most by his work from the top of last year. The new EP is the official followup to the AppleJaxx debut entitled Back to the Future, which featured production from gospel’s wild child Tonex. The LP was a unique presentation of energetic and uplifting records set to the beat of the streets – the very place we’re all supposed to be impacting in the first place.

We hear AppleJaxx is set to return with a Jesus High. Say what? All the young folks probably already know what that means, but if you’re not street savvy or up on the lingo, that’s the name of his new album. Set for a June 22nd release, the effort features production from the rapper himself and a few other behind the scenes guests such as ChizmatonicG-Styles, and Trini.

Born Ernest Owens in Fayetteville, North Carolina, AppleJaxx has given us a few sleepers (records that slowly catch the attention of the mainstream circuit while blazing through the underground music scene) in the past like slow-burning “Higher Voltage.” Even during the time of his debut, AppleJaxx was preparing to release the project under the title the Born Identity via Universal Music Group, but due to the “Bourne Identity” movies being delivered by the same company and a potential case of consumer confusion, AppleJaxx was encouraged to drop the album with a new name. So even in the controversy, AppleJaxx has been doing his thing, too.

Now we know many of you are already wondering he got the name from. To make it plain and clear, here’s the scoop. The name AppleJaxx is indeed scripture-based and it refers to bearing good fruit (hence, the ‘Apple’). The second portion of his stage name ‘Jaxx’ actually refers to ‘jacking’ someone out of the world and into the marvelous light.

We’re excited to hear new music from AppleJaxx with his hard-hitting vibes and the inspirational message behind his lyrics. Cincinnati, are you a holy hip hop fan? Let us know what you think by posting in the comments section below. If you’re excited, too, or even familiar with the music, share your thoughts with us.

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