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FROM GLAMOUR: Do you avoid avocados? Steer clear of coffee? Some foods just come with a bad reputation. Here are 7 foods that deserve a second chance—after all, they just might improve your health.

Peanut Butter

WHY YOU AVOID IT: It is high in fat and calories (16 grams of fat and 188 calories per two tablespoons).

WHY YOU SHOULDN’T: They can lower the risk for heart disease. Nuts are fabulous sources of heart-healthy, unsaturated fats. They also provide essential fatty acids that your body needs daily.


WHY YOU AVOID IT: They’re high in fat (half of one has 14.8 grams).

WHY YOU SHOULDN’T: They boast a lot of monounsaturated “good” fat, which means that they can help decrease the risk of heart disease when eaten in moderation. They’ve also been found to help prevent certain kinds of oral cancers.

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WHY YOU AVOID IT: They are often served fried or fully loaded with butter, cheese and bacon bits, which can kill your healthy-eating habits.

WHY YOU SHOULDN’T: Take away the extra fat and deep frying and a baked potato is an exceptionally healthful low-calorie, high-fiber food that offers vitamin C, vitamin B6, copper, potassium and manganese. Plus, a medium-size baked sweet potato weighs in at just 103 calories, which you can easily turn into a balanced meal.


WHY YOU AVOID IT: It’s sweet, it’s sugary, it’s high in fat and calories. Hello—it’s chocolate.

WHY YOU SHOULDN’T: Dark chocolate contains flavonoids, healthy compounds that can protect your heart. Flavonoids can increase blood flow and ease inflammation and may even decrease the buildup of “bad” cholesterol.

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