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I ran across the most incredible testimony of God’s miraculous power, I had to share.  I pray that you are blessed beyond measure.  I was!!

Officer Resurrected

An interview with Boris – an Internal Affairs officer in Ukraine.

1. My Testimony

INTERVIEWER: – I would like to introduce to you, Mr. Boris Pilipchuk, who is 36 years old. Please, Boris tell us about yourself.

BORIS: – I am an officer, a Senior Lieutenant on the police force. My position is that of a strategic duty officer in one of the operation sections of the police force in Khemlnitskij District of Ukraine. I fought in the Afganistan war. I am married with three children. We live in a village called Novaya Siniavka, in the Starosiniavskij region of Khemlnitskij District.

INTERVIEWER: – Boris, I know that you are a Believer. How did you get saved?

BORIS: – I was a strong atheist, but my wife and her parents were believers. They always wanted me to be saved. On September 16, 1996, Pastor Nikolai Ivashenko, of the Full Gospel Church in the town of Mariopol, came to our village, while he was in town visiting his relatives. My wife asked him to speak to me. However, she warned him that I lacked temperance, was very aggressive, and rude. The training I received in the army left a scar on my character.

When I saw Pastor Nikolai, I thought to myself, “Now, I’m going to teach you a lesson…” However, he walked up to me and began speaking. Suddenly, I began feeling a peace in my heart that I had not experienced since my childhood days. I was trained to give orders, or receive orders and carry them out. It was an environment in which normal human interaction was rare. Something on the inside of me was transformed as I listened to the words of Pastor Nikolai. When I heard the phrase, “Now we’ll pray, repeat after me…” I repeated the sinner’s

prayer. The power of the Holy Spirit came upon me and the Lord baptized me in the Holy Spirit. Ever since then, I dedicated my life to serve the Lord.

INTERVIEWER: – How did those around you react to this change in your life?

BORIS: – My mother was very indignant, at the beginning, because she did not know the Lord at this time. Later on, opposition at my work place began. They threatened to lay me off the job or demote me. They even went to the extent of trying to make me backslide, but I wasn’t disturbed by this, neither did I worry. In the past, I would have been in a state of confusion, ready to relinquish my officers’ rank. Now, this seemed absurd to me. God’s word says that if you are taken to court, not to be anxious over what to say, for He will speak for you. So being confident in my faith, I said, ” You cannot do anything to me, because the Lord is with me.” So my superior officers had to submit to this. Not only did my colleagues adhere to this, they also listened, with pleasure, as I preached during my break period. I told every one about Jesus Christ, in the hope of winning one soul to the Lord. I won’t go on to describe what hideous things I did before repentance, because the Lord has forgiven me of all my sin. I praise and thank Him for this. The Lord forgives all the sin of anyone who earnestly repents.

INTERVIEWER: – You are in the service and a believer – this is very unusual. Do people consider this to be normal?

BORIS: – I tell everyone that Jesus Christ is Lord over all, including men in the service. The Lord loves each and everyone the same. I have been asked several times, ” How can you serve God, being in the service, handling weapons?” It is God’s word that teaches us how to serve Him. When John the Baptist baptized people in the Jordan River, men in the service came up to him and asked, “What shall we do?” He responded by telling them that they should be content with their wages. There is no place in the Word of God where it is written that men in the service should not serve the Lord. On the contrary, we know from the Holy Scriptures that two Roman officers repented and that they and their entire household served the Lord Jesus Christ. Each and every believer has a discrete ministry in God’s sight.

INTERVIEWER: – Boris, I can see that you are in perfect health. Before your remarkable ordeal, were you in the same state of health?

BORIS: – Yes. Perfect health is a prerequisite to join the force. It was mandatory for us to undergo routine medical tests.

INTERVIEWER: – Please, tell me what happened to you.

BORIS: – I will recount how the Lord raised me from the dead. On the 27th of July 1998, I returned home from work to my village. Something happened to me that I cannot explain. I was completely paralyzed and I lost consciousness. According to my wife’s account, after I lost consciousness, I was rushed to the hospital and placed in the intensive care unit. Their diagnosis was – Brain hemorrhage. I remained there for several days in a coma. I was transferred to the intensive care unit of the Khelmitskij District Clinic. The doctors continued to fight for my life. However, I had a heart attack which lessened my chance of survival.

INTERVIEWER: – How serious was your brain hemorrhage?

BORIS: – I later found that the doctor had diagnosed internal bleeding in 95% of my brain. All the equipment and the sensors that were attached to my body indicated that I was dead. In their medical report, the doctors detected a hemorrhage that had spread all over my brain; all of the nine tests confirmed my death.

2. Death registered by the Doctors

INTERVIEWER: – Boris, from what you were told later, after the doctors certified your death, did they immediately call your wife?

BORIS: – Yes, they did and she was not the only person they informed. Actually, what happened was that every 15 or 20 minutes my colleagues called the hospital to inquire of my health. They were told that I was already dead. At my job, money was already being collected, a coffin was ordered, and every arrangement necessary for my funeral service was being set in motion. In a nutshell, preparation was made for my funeral. I think the sudden death of such a healthy police officer was a very stunning occurrence, which took everyone by surprise. This was clear, from the numerous phone calls to the hospital, from my colleagues.

INTERVIEWER: – Was your wife present with you when you died?

BORIS: – Yes, she was, but she was not allowed to be in the room. Later on my wife told me, that she constantly prayed to God over my salvation. When the doctors began to desperately fight to save my life, my wife phoned Pastor Nikolai in Mariopol. My wife told him what had happened and asked him to pray for me. While he prayed, God told him that the situation would not lead to death, but to the glory of God. He calmed my wife down and told her that a Christian Festival was underway in the town of Mariopol and that all the believers would pray for me. They prayed. During this time, events in the hospital were mounting. The doctors informed my wife of my death and after two hours she was permitted to accompany my body, on the stretcher, to the door of the morgue.

3. Medical information on the possibility of a dead person returning to life

INTERVIEWER: – For an understanding from a clinical point of view, we make reference to a directory of medical publications. In the Concise Medical encyclopedia (published by “Soviet Encyclopedia”, 1974) the following is written:

Brain hemorrhage is defined as the disruption of normal blood circulation in the brain, which results in the death of the brain material (Part 1, page 506)

Resuscitation of an organism (reanimation) is defined as the restoration of a sudden disruption or total loss of life supporting functions of an organism. Clinical death is the last reversible stage of the death of an organism from the moment breathing and blood circulation cease to the beginning of irreversible changes in the central nervous system, after which death is referred to as being biological. The duration of clinical death depends on the reason that gave rise to the development of a terminal condition, the duration of dying, age etc. In normal temperatures, clinical death extends over a period of 4-6 minutes, after which the restoration of normal activities of the central nervous system becomes impossible.

Reanimation procedures should be started immediately after sudden death has been established. It is also recommended not to allow the complete ceasing of breathing or heartbeat. If the heartbeat is not reestablished, reanimation procedures are advised to be continued until they prove effective. Signs of effectiveness: Disappearance of cyanosis, noticing of spontaneous gasps (the sooner they begin, the better the prognosis), pulsation of the large blood vessels in accordance with the rhythm of the massage, narrowing of the pupils. If these signs do not appear in 20-25 minute, resuscitation procedures should be discontinued (part 2, page 270-271).

I know that doctors have certain rules, which can never be violated by anyone in any medical establishment. In their rules, a person who is lying in intensive care, in a condition of biological death, should not be there more than 2 hours and only after this the person may be transported to the morgue.

That means that after establishing the fact that Boris was in a state of clinical death, the doctors struggled for 30 minutes to save his life. While in the intensive care unit, over two more hours elapsed then biological death was confirmed. This meant that the irreversible processes and death of the brain matter had already begun. The time necessary for resuscitation after clinical death is about 4 to 6 minutes. Boris’ death was confirmed by the doctors and by the medical equipment that was connected to his body.

4. “I saw heaven” – Boris

INTERVIEWER: – And now, Boris, tell us how you felt. What did you see?

BORIS: – It felt as if I was conscious. I began seeing with my own eyes. I began seeing everything as if from above. My spirit came out of me and looked at my body. Doctors in their white gowns had gathered around me. Numerous pieces of equipment were connected to my body. The doctors tried to stabilize my condition; they ran about, exhausting all their efforts, but to no avail. Then I began to ascend towards heaven. The earth became smaller and smaller. It became so small, that it disappeared totally. During this entire time, I could hear a continuous whistling in my ears. I ended up in an extraordinary place, which was so illuminative that I began to feel good. I saw a golden staircase that shone with glorious splendor. The staircase was rather wide. On either side of the staircase were golden railings, along which from the bottom to the top were winged angels in white clothes, with golden belts. Their hair was white, their faces shone like lightning and their eyes were like two lanterns. Their hands and legs were the color of shiny copper chips. Around the staircase and under it, stood a great number of angels, these were without wings. All the angels were singing psalms in a language I did not recognize at first. After a moment I completely understood the words of the psalm. They sang: “O worthy are you Lord of all glory and praise. You, Lord, created the heavens and the earth. You are worthy of our praise!”

Then I saw an extraordinary light at the end of the staircase. The light wasn’t like that of the sun or of a welding instrument, which has a harmful effect on the eyes. It was extremely bright, warm, calming, full of joy and peace. I was full of delight, to such an extent that mere words cannot describe how I felt. My delight continued to increase and there was no limit to the joy I felt. I don’t know how to describe this vision, this feeling, in words, but I would like you to imagine the picture the Lord showed me. Later, I heard a voice, coming from the direction of the light, which said: “My son, come to me and I will show you something. I will help you”.

From the great number of angels, two angels walked up behind me. One stood on my right and the other on my left, just a short distance from me. I didn’t turn my head, I didn’t look behind me and I didn’t gaze around, but it appeared as if I could see 360 degrees about me. I wasn’t nervous and didn’t feel any form of discomfort. I was absolutely calm and so peaceful that words cannot express how I felt, not then and not now. I didn’t ask anyone any question, such as where I was? What’s happened to me? What will happen later on? I felt completely confident in myself, as if I was standing in a familiar place. I felt as if I lived there permanently.

Then the Holy Spirit, transferred me to a vast open plain, in which very beautiful white horses pranced. In the center of the field stood a great city, in the form of a cube. When I noticed it, I began to draw close to it. I approached it in a different way, not as a man normally walks on the ground. I moved without my feet touching the ground. It was as if I was gliding. The angels escorted me. The closer I got the city, the more intense was the delight I experienced, from what I saw.

There were several very high walls of various colors. There were 12 colors in all, which radiated and shone like a bright light. (Later on, after my resurrection, when I studied the 21-22 chapter of the book of Revelations in the Bible, I found a confirmation of what I had seen). I saw the foundation of the city, which was made up of the 12 precious stones of this world. I saw a pearl gate, three large pearls on each wall. I didn’t measure them, but one pearl was larger than two meters, in my opinion. I saw only six gates, because I was led into the city through one of its corners. I saw the two sides of the cube. Then l was taken through one of the gates into the city. As we passed through them, I saw two inscriptions. One was above the gate and the other was under the gate. The name of one of the tribes of Israel was written above the gate, and under it the name of an Apostle was written. Unfortunately I do not remember which gate led me into the New Jerusalem, but now I would like to know that.

When I entered into the city through the gates, I stood in admiration. The city was made completely of gold. The gold was so pure – I had never seen such brilliance before. I had seen how brightly gold articles in a jeweler’s store shone, but this was not comparable, to what I saw at that moment. Gold streets, houses of gold, gold doors – everything was made of gold, transparent like glass. I could never have imagined that gold could appear transparent and so pure. I read about this in God’s word, but I could not really imagine it. I just couldn’t imagine how a hard metal could appear transparent. Now that I had seen this fine gold, I just wanted to touch it. I touched the walls and entered some houses observing everything. I did not ask the angels, where I was to go from here. I seemed to know the way. I was overcome with such a feeling as if I was in a place of my own.

As I continued further into the city, I was now near the center. I saw a large tree in one spot that had pear-shaped fruit on it. The size of the fruit was about the size of two average sized fists put together. The leaves on it reminded me of the leaves of a lime tree, only they were larger and like leaves of a burdock tree. When I got near the tree, I wanted to take a fruit from it and began to reach for one. Suddenly with enthusiasm I stretched out my hand, which to my surprise was not like an ordinary hand but was transparent. When I was about to pluck a fruit, the angel who stood a little distance behind me, on my right side, stretched out his hand and stopped me. Motioning with his finger, he informed me that for now, I shouldn’t pluck the fruit. Without any form of regret or disappointment from the angel’s action, I left the tree. Generally speaking, within the city, I never experienced any kind of discomfort, or disorder.

When I left the tree, I saw an extraordinary bright light at the center of the city. It was very interesting that I did not see a single shadow, not from the trees and not from the houses. There were no shadows, nor were there any lamps. I did not see the sun nor any object that gave light, but the light was extraordinary bright and so pleasant to the eyes. It was delightful beyond measure.

When I saw the source of the illumination, I bowed my head and felt an overwhelming urge to fall to my knees. But before I could bow, I heard a voice saying, ” My son, I have shown you all that is necessary for you at this time, and you should return now, to declare My glory, power and dominion, to declare all that you have seen and heard”. Then I began to pray and plead to the Lord, asking Him to let me remain there, where I was. I cried, “Lord I don’t want to return”. But the Lord said, “You have a wife, and three children. You have to return to them, for it is not time for you to be here yet”. Then again I began to beseech the Lord saying, “Lord, I don’t want to return. Allow me to remain with You”. But the Lord said to me, “My Son, be meek and self-controlled, do not murmur, go back. You have to declare My glory.”