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Tyler Laube, of Redondo Beach, walks to the entrance to the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana

Source: Allen J. Schaben / Getty

A federal judge has reminded us that judges don’t actually have to be objective and that white nationalism doesn’t stop in the courtroom.

Meet U.S. District Judge Cormac J. Carney.

Last Thursday, Carney sentenced Tyler Laube, a member of a violent white supremacist group who confessed to the beating of a journalist, to time served and a $2,000 fine. Why did Carney do this? Well, apparently, Carney adheres to a trending right-wing narrative that there are two justice systems in America; one where “leftists” are treated with leniency while conservatives are experiencing an anti-conservative version of Jim Crow. Is this narrative backed by any statistical evidence whatsoever? Nope. Are right-wingers of the MAGA world just basically remixing Black people’s decades-old “two Americas” credo while denying the systemic racism (a notion that is backed by data) that birthed it? Oh, hell yeah!

But Carney didn’t want to lock Laube up, not because he wasn’t guilty, but because the good ol’ boy judge thinks prosecutors should be focused on Antifa and other “far-left” groups instead of going after poor, oppressed white supremacists, even the ones who said themselves that they did what they did.

From USA Today:

In a 22-page memo, Carney repeatedly said prosecutors have “ignored” violence committed by Antifa and instead focused on targeting people like Laube — Trump supporters and members of the far-right.

“Sentencing Mr. Laube to additional incarceration would only increase the disparity between his punishment and the lack of punishment (and prosecution) members of far-left groups who have committed the same violent conduct received,” Carney wrote. The sentence: time served, 35 days, rather than the six months prosecutors had sought.

Again, did Carney include any evidence of this glaring “disparity” between far-right offenders like the convict he’s treating like his personal client and offenders of the “far-left?” No, he did not. What he did do is blatantly allow his own ideology to guide his gavel, and if we’re keeping it real, he also implied that a white supremacist is on his ideological team.

As it turns out, he’s demonstrably wrong about the so-called “far left” not being prosecuted.

More from USA Today:

The same day Laube received his light sentence at the federal courthouse in Santa Ana, the largest-ever prosecution of members of Antifa in American history was going to trial just 89 miles away.

In San Diego, the last two defendants in the “San Diego 11” — members of Antifa charged with committing violence against Trump supporters in January 2021 — were sitting before a jury. Their nine co-defendants have already been sentenced, some to years in prison, for their crimes.

The two cases are not perfect parallels. Laube was charged and sentenced in federal court, whereas the two Antifa defendants in San Diego, Jeremy White and Brian Lightfoot, were charged by a local district attorney in state court. But both cases involve fights between the far-left and the far-right at protests. Both involve scraps caught on camera.  Both cases focus not just on the violence but on the groups’ alleged organizing and planning before a melee.

This is all reminiscent of when Jan. 6 apologists were blindly claiming that people who looted during the wave of nationwide Black Lives Matter-related protests in 2020 went unpunished while Jan. 6 rioters are being persecuted. They either ignored or were ignorant to the fact that thousands of arrests were made during those protests and hundreds of accused rioters faced federal charges. Hell, the FBI even hired a social media surveillance firm to help track alleged rioters down and misused surveillance authorities as a means to the same end.

Anyway, legal experts agree that Judge Carney has lost his MAGA mind and was, at best, unethical in his clearly biased ruling.

“He’s really gone off the deep end,” said John Donohue, a professor at Stanford Law School. “It’s very hard for me to believe he (Carney) really has any accurate sense about what the relative prosecutions are of people on the left and the right in these assault cases. That would take a much more sophisticated inquiry than some federal judge just opining off the top of his head.”

“It’s very disappointing for the judge to second-guess the work of the U.S. Attorney’s office,” said David LaBahn, president of the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys. “This sounds to be very political instead of the role of the judge — calling balls and strikes, justice, equality, fairness.”

LaBahn also suggested that if there is a disparity between prosecutions of far-right criminals and that of the far-left, it’s probably because right-wing violence and extremism are simply more prevalent.

LaBahn noted that prosecutors are the “end user” in the criminal justice chain, meaning they can only prosecute cases that are brought to them by investigators. “And if more extremists on the far-right are committing crimes that are investigated, then it stands to reason that most prosecutions of extremists focus on the far-right, he said,” according to USA Today.



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