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Do you remember when you were a child and you used to point your finger like a gun and pull the imaginary trigger?  A 64 year old man has been found guilty of making the hand gesture towards one of his neighbors.

The man, Stephen Kirchner, was involved in an ongoing dispute with his neighbor.  The two neighbors had a no contact order.  While walking down the street he saw the neighbor who, he claims, put his middle fingers up at him (another hand gesture but this one you had better not have made as a child because your mother would not have been too happy about it).  Kirchner says his gesture was merely a response to the gesture that his neighbor made to him.

A neighbor saw Mr. Kirchner make the “shooting” gesture with his hand and it made her alarmed which prompted her to call 911.

The neighbor who was the recipient of the gun hand gesture (and possibly the perpetrator of the other shooting gesture that would have harmed any birds in the area) has a number of surveillance cameras on his property because of the ongoing dispute which caught Mr. Kirchner giving the hand signal.

Kirchner was charged with disorderly conduct.  The court initially found him guilty but he appealed.  A higher court upheld the conviction.  His punishment is to pay a fine and court costs.  He maintains that he didn’t do anything disorderly.

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