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Source: Ninni Pirrone / EyeEm / Getty

One guy is taking the expression “sister wives” to an entirely new level after he got twin sisters pregnant. Not only is Keonyae expecting a baby girl from one and a baby boy from the other, both sisters seem to be perfectly fine with it.

The Shade Room writes, “So, Keonyae met the twin sisters Nia and Nydia at a gym when he was a personal trainer. Apparently, he started dating one and slowly started talking to the other. Before they knew it, twin sister Nia was pregnant, followed by her sister Nydia who became pregnant just one month later.”

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In an exclusive interview with TSR, the father-to-be reportedly said everything is on the up and up…

“We exclusively spoke to Keonyae and he says things are just fine. They are all okay with the situation and he says they’ve been happily in a ‘throuple’ for a while now. As far as the sex of the babies, Nia is expecting her baby girl on May 6th, while her twin sister Nydia is expecting a boy on June 6th,” TSR states. “Keyonae and the ladies are excited to take their next step in their relationship and hope to be great coparents.”

Not surprisingly, Keyonae was happy to brag as though he achieved some sort of unattainable feat. “I bet ima the only nigga y’all know wit twin baby mommas and both kool wit it,” he wrote on Instagram, alongside photos of his baby mamas-to-be. “I need a show blood.” His handle “@takeoffdemdraws” is also worth noting.

He has since deactivated his IG profile, but the comments under his photos were… interesting.

“lol i feel bad ffor dem kids lol they gone bullied like a mf n i pray they both have twins,” one follower wrote.

“I can smell the 9th grade education through this picture,” another quipped.

Yet another one of his followers commented, “This the real reason kids become suicidal. Y’all just made these kids the laughingstock and topic of discussion. That’s going to be so embarrassing when they have to tell people they’re cousins and and siblings. Poor kids.”

Click here to see photos of the throuple and let us know what you think. We’re going to go on record and say this is weird as hell… and nothing to be bragging about.


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