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It’s Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion time! Tonight we recap some highlights from season 10 that all include lots of the usual—shadiness, bickering, petty, etc. The biggest moment of the night is Kenya’s news.

She’s pregnant. We figured this, though. Reports about Kenya and her husband visiting fertility clinics have been circulating #TheBlogs for quite some time. Plus, all Kenya has ever talked about since joining this show is wanting a family. So, here we are. According to Kenya, they will be “welcoming a boy or girl late this year.” Things take a turn when she’s pressed for more info she says she doesn’t want to talk about the details.


It’s annoying. Like, why be so open all these seasons then all of a sudden shut everyone out and berate people on camera in a meltdown? Andy brings up this point and Kenya gives a fluff answer about being tired of putting it all out there and wanting to preserve her relationship. Mmmkay. You know that’s BS and Andy tries to give her an out when he asks her if it’s because Marc doesn’t like the show. Kenya says that Marc doesn’t even watch the show, but Andy said that Marc told his colleagues that he doesn’t think the show is a good representation of Black woman. Kenya had no response, but if that’s true, it kind of explains her behavior.

Kind of.


But at least Kenya is finally going to get her family. Best of luck.

Sheree and Porsha go at it over Porsha saying that Sheree was shady. They’re both shady though so whatevs. No resolution there. Marlo and Shamea join the fray. Kenya and Marlo going back and forth because they hate each other. Kenya even accuses Marlo of going after John, one of Nene’s old flings from 6 years ago, just to be spiteful. Marlo apologizes for that. She was being petty because she and Nene had a falling out, you remember that. Nene is over it, though. She has long since moved on and remarried Gregg when Marlo did what she did.

Tonight’s part of the reunion is just a warm-up, but we get to the really good stuff next week when Eva joins and everyone goes in on shady Kim which then leads Kim to going in on Kroy for “not having her back.”

See you next week.


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