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Jay Z, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and more at the TIDAL Music Launch

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Beyonce is so rich, she can afford to soak in a hot tub filled with Armand de Brignac wine (also known as Ace Of Spades) that retails anywhere from $300 to a couple of thousands. And people are mad about it…

We watched Nicki Minaj and Beyonce carelessly bask in expensive shit while they flaunted their unbelievably snatched bodies in the recently released “Feeling Myself” video. The TIDAL-exclusive visuals initially received rave reviews and spawned the newest fashion craze — jersey bathing suits — but upon second glance, working class people have a different opinion. Yeah, it’s a subtle slap in the face. Bey’s so damn rich it’s ambitious to think about all the things she can do with her money. But are we surprised she douses herself with virgin blood? No.

Bey’s been bragging about her wealth. Remember the lavish things she sang about on “Upgrade You?” VVS cufflinks, bedazzled Audemars and diamond cream facials? We know she’s rich as hell but is it her obligation to pay her fan’s tuition? Or feed the hungry more than she already does?

Beyonce supports about 31 charities including: Chime For Change, Boys & Girls Cub Of America, Stand Up To Cancer, Miss A Meal and more. And she was just on a humanitarian trip to Haiti. Not to mention, she makes enough money to pour out a little champagne and buy a small island.

It may be time for Bey to disappear for a bit, she’s overexposed and people are tired of her beautiful face in their face everyday. We’re going through Beyonce backlash.


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