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A day after Baltimore City Councilman Carl Stokes shut down CNN host Erin Burnett who tried to justify the use of “thug” to describe teens who clashed with police in protest of the death of Freddie Gray, another host entered the fray on Wednesday.

While checking in with Stokes about the root cause of sometimes violent protests that occurred after Gray died when his spine was mysteriously severed in police custody, CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield on Tuesday lectured the elected official about his use of the n-word on the air, reports Gawker.

Banfield told Stokes that she was “livid” that he used the n-word on the air and thanked him for not using it on her show, the news site notes.

From Gawker:

“I have to say, you’re a leader and so many people have said don’t say it in rap, don’t say it so loosely, don’t assume you can say it because you’re one color and another color can’t. It’s just so painful to hear it no matter what color we are and I’m glad you decided not to use it on this show.”

Then she moved on without giving him a chance to respond to being scolded like a small child…

The argument that no one should ever be able to use the word under any circumstances because “it’s just so painful to hear it no matter what color we are” is often invoked by the world’s leading experts on black people’s pain, white people, who would just be a lot more comfortable if they weren’t confronted with any hurtful reminders of anti-black racism.

During an interview with Erin Burnett on Tuesday, Stokes told the host that “thug” is racial code for something more sinister, as NewsOne reported earlier.

“Come on? So calling them thugs? Just call them niggers. Just call them niggers,” Stokes replies. “No. We don’t have to call them by names such as that. We don’t have to do that.”

Do you agree with Stokes or the CNN hosts? Sound off in the comments.

For more information on the Freddie Gray protests and uprisings in Baltimore, visit NewsOne’s hub, here.

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