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My experience has been one of growing up at a dinner table where we talked about African-Americans like Senator Edward Brooke, the first Black Senator since Reconstruction. Or better yet, having the honor to work alongside trailblazers like ESPN’s Stuart Scott, African-Americans who not only changed the game, but changed the very essence of this country and its thoughts about us as a people.

What we do know about Johnson and Dr. King, is that they both could be brave and brutal, compassionate and shrewd, incredibly intelligent and infuriatingly stubborn. We know about their pragmatic, crafty and uncanny instinct for getting things done with both allies and adversaries. We learned that they could be altruistic and difficult, caring and crude, generous and petulant, bluntly honest and calculatingly. We learned that they were human.

For them, it was about a determination to succeed, to run over or around, whoever or whatever got in their way. They were not about just talking, they were about getting things done for the betterment of the people, despite their differences. As a people, we are obviously at a crossroads We need to stop worrying about whether the white establishment is sensitive, considerate, or cares about our plight as people. It’s on us to put forth the principal effort to finding solutions, or even better yet, proudly demanding solutions.

Ultimately, we have done an excellent job of earning respect in this country, as friends and potential allies. It’s time to stop being angry. Anger drives people away, and whose fault is that? I’m exhausted and tired of talking about racism.

Zack Burgess is an award winning journalist, who is the Director/Owner of OFF WOODWARD MEDIA, LLC, where he works as a Writer, Editor and Communications Specialist. His work can be seen at Twitter: @zackburgess1 

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