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Dear Tom,

My mom’s name is Parthenia but everyone calls her Tina.  She retired early at the age of 62.  She was a CNA. who worked with senior citizens and mentally challenged adults.

She raised my 2 sisters and me all by herself.  She was tough on us but it was only because she wanted us to succeed in life.  Today she is the grandmother of 9 and has one great grand.

My mom has been cooking ever since she was a kid, so, needless to say – she loves to cook.  Her doors to her home are always open and her kitchen is good to go.  She will cook whatever you want – especially if you bring it.

My mom has always helped whoever needed help, always putting others before herself.  She’s old school, too.  She uses a flip phone that makes calls and takes calls and has caller ID – that’s all she needs.

Being retired means that she is on a limited budget, which means she can’t always get the things she needs.  Her eyeglasses are old and wonky – they are literally falling apart.  Her insurance only covers the eye exam and she requires special lenses that are costly.

She has Lenticular Astigmatism and Glaucoma – so they need to be specially tinted because her eyes sensitive to light and glares.

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