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So here is the thing about being thirty-something and just now getting married; I ain’t got time to be worried about no birth control. I am not a spring chicken, so I have been extremely cautious about my consumption of birth control of the hormonal nature. I have also never been pregnant. I need to know that this machine is working properly and that includes understanding my body, knowing when I am ovulating and the knowing the true length of my cycles.

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During my time as a single woman, I utilized birth control pills at only two different moments. Each time I only lasted three to four months and that was due to the decrease in my sex drive and the increase in my waist. I gained weight and never wanted to have sex, so I quickly realized hormonal based birth control was not the business for me. I figured I had been successful at preventing pregnancy for so long using condoms, I might as well stick with that!

Each year I would go for my annual pap smear, and each year my OB/GYN would inquire if I wanted birth control. NO THANK YOU!

It also didn’t help that my mother had me completely brainwashed into thinking birth control pills increased the risks of miscarriages should I eventually decide to have kids. Unfortunately, but grateful for the knowledge surrounding the experience, many of my girlfriends have had miscarriages and have shared their experiences with me. The majority of them were in their thirties when it occurred and all of them had been on birth control for many years, so my mother’s constant talks and inquiries into whether or not I was on birth control heightened my fears. I understand now that my mother was utilizing scare tactics to prompt me into being susceptible to giving her grandchildren, but she had me and I held on to that fear for a long time.

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Once my fiancé and I got engaged I immediately scheduled an appointment with my OB. I couldn’t wait to share the news of our engagement with her and also, with the likelihood of pregnancy being on the horizon in the future, I wanted some advice. What foods should I avoid? What vitamins should I be taking right now? Can I be tested for any hereditary or genetic diseases that may run in my family? I had so many questions and was so ecstatic that in my eons of years of trying to prevent pregnancy, it was now time to explore my options and open myself to the actual and planned thought of conceiving. Don’t get me wrong, I had NO intentions on getting pregnant before my bachelorette party or my wedding. That would have been a major wrench in my plans to kick it hard for both events, but I knew I would seriously start thinking about us getting pregnant after we got married.

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