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CHICAGO — As the economy stays stagnant, many African Americans are leaving northern cities and returning to their more rural, southern roots.

This migration is a reversal of the Great Migration of the 1940s when African Americans moved from the South to northern cities to escape racism and get jobs.

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Data Shows Black Migration Reversing Historic Trend

The Huffington Post reports:

Today’s migrants are chasing the same things their forebears sought decades earlier, according to those who have studied the return migration. Others are retiring or returning to familial homesteads, reclaiming land their relatives never let loose.

Meanwhile, Chicago has lost about 181,000 African Americans over the past decade, a drop of 17 percent. Many have fled to the Chicago suburbs. But to a greater extent, who is leaving and where they’re going is difficult to determine, according to demographers. But Brookings Institute reports that these new migrants tend to be financially stable and more educated. Many are students, professionals or retirees.

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