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There are a number of strategies you can make use of to find out what your “financial” personality is like, so that you can get out of debt and start learning some responsibility. Statistics show that household debt is skyrocketing, reaching new and new heights year after year. Consumer loans comprise around 30 percent of the total debt.

We live in an age when supply is almost endless. We can buy practically anything we can imagine, and in wondrous variety at that. When you think of the traditional supply and demand graph, you would expect demand to plummet. Perhaps this can be seen as a challenge to the age-old economic principle. Not only is demand not plummeting, it is rising and rising, and the state of debt testifies to this. It seems that we want things so much that we no longer care that we can’t afford them. However, we should be careful when we assume that macroeconomic principles transfer to microeconomic ones. In other words, market principles do not always reflect individual choices.

To understand how consumer behavior may be driving you into debt, you have to understand the psychology of advertising. What are producers actually going for when they advertise their products? You may have wondered how they possibly get returns on commercials, what with there being so many. Advertising’s main function is informative, true, but it also serves to educate. By advertising expensive luxury products, the producer works on your system of values, artificially creating demand for something costly and prestigious that you don’t need. If you are especially vulnerable to that sort of “propaganda”, as would be someone with low self-esteem who wants to be respected and admired, you’ll fall for this. You may even take out bad credit loans to get the latest BMW or Mercedes model instead of sticking with your trusted Volvo or Pontiac.


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