He didn’t post the tweet but it made the rounds on Twitter and Facebook with people weighing in on the content.The fake tweet is here

Social media addiction is real. Well, so say researchers from The University of Chicago. They gave 205 people – ages 18 to 25 – BlackBerrys and prompted them seven times a day for a week, asking if they were feeling any urges. Researchers recorded more than 7,000 “desire episodes,” reporting the need to log onto […]

By Darnella Dunham Twitter has killed dozens of celebrities, and it proves that you should definitely not believe everything you read. The lack of credibility from the sender of these false rumors doesn’t stop them from getting retweeted and going viral. And unfortunately, death hoaxes on Twitter have become commonplace. But Twitter isn’t all bad […]

Prince Walid bin Talal of Saudi Arabia, who owns 95 percent of Kingdom Holding, recently announced that he invested $300 million in the popular social media site Twitter. RELATED: Black Soldier Last To Fall In Iraq? According to reports, Prince Walid’s purchase was part of a strategy “to invest in promising, high-growth businesses with a […]

A death rumor about female Rapper, Lil’ Kim, began Sunday after Twitter users jokingly referred to the deceased North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il, as “Lil Kim.”

—– This month, NewsOne presents a special exploration of Black Americans’ influence on social media, #TWEETING WHILE BLACK. —– The way we get our news has clearly changed. These days, Twitter is averaging 230 million Tweets per day. That’s up 110 percent since January. Though 40 percent of Twitter’s 100 million active users only sign […]

NAIROBI, Kenya — Kenyan soldiers and members of an extremist Islamist militant group have been fighting each other in Somalia since Kenya invaded two months ago. Now, their spokesmen are taking the battle onto Twitter, with taunts, accusations and insults being directly traded in a rare engagement on the Internet. SEE ALSO: It Wasn’t My […]

After somebody edited rapper, Too Short’s WikiPedia page to say that he died of a heart attack, rumors of Too Short, real name Todd Shaw’s death quickly spread over the the internet. After the rumor spread via Twitter, Too Short himself cleared them up on his Twitter account. Stop calling my phone. I’m not dead. […]

Here are the top 7 Tweets from Black politicians, entrepreneurs, celebrities and influencers on Twitter. Top 10 Tweets Of The Week (10.21.11) Top 10 Tweets Of The Week (10.14.11)

Occupy Wall Street takes over the world, Muammar Gaddafi is killed, Cornel West is arrested? Here are the top 1o Tweets from Black politicians, entrepreneurs, celebrities and influencers on Twitter. Top 10 Tweets Of The Week (9.14.11) Top 10 Tweets Of The Week (9.7.11)

Have you been watching the court proceedings during the ongoing Michael Jackson death trial? If so, obviously you’re not the only one expecting to be glued to the TV or connected to the Internet around the clock for updates, exclusives, live blogs and continued coverage. However you might be wondering what’s one of the fastest […]

Who knew that Jennifer Hudson was a thug! She was engaged in a pretty intense Twitter Beef with one of her followers/haters. According to, @1984Lips4Daze asked J. Hud a question on the social network and Jennifer responded with “lol u funny! Thank you for your hate n clearly the gym ain’t working for u […]