As if the beloved city of New Orleans hasn’t already been through enough.  Today parts of the city got torn down by an F4 tornado.  Pray for the city and the people living there.  According to the weather service 25 people were injured in the aftermath of the tornado.

Kimberly Tippett, and her son, Kamyrn Cain, were traveling along Interstate 30 in Garland, Texas when the twister crossed the packed highway and struck her vehicle and several others. Tippett, who lived in Plano, is the mother of two daughters who weren't present during the incident.

This morning, we’re continuing to track the details and updates from the Joplin, Missouri area as thousands of residents are displaced from the recent storms. Power outages, wreckage and widespread damage and death tolls are at the top of the nation’s weather alerts and updates as we watch the aftermath of the big storms take […]

Parts of the city of Joplin, Missouri are completely unrecognizable this morning as a major change in weather caused a deadly twister to rip through the area this weekend killing 89 residents. Cars are stacked and strewn everywhere and the latest reports show houses are now over-sized piles of wreckage. CNN is reporting today that […]

The latest updates on those devastated by a serious string of strong storms across the region come with a rather jubilant response this week. Yesterday, on the first Sunday after this past Wednesday’s deadly tornado outbreak across the South, faith seems to be the only thing that kept us all going. Watch the clip below […]

On April 16th, what started off as a normal day would turn into something completely different not only for me but the entire Shaw family. My day started with a meeting with our sorority graduate chapter at the graduate house only minutes from school. What I thought would be a rather long meeting, turned into […]

The American Red Cross is encouraging general donations as part of helping those impacted by the Alabama and southern tornados. The text fundraising system is up and running as is the toll free. MORE WAYS YOU CAN SUPPORT THOSE DEVASTATED BY NATURAL DISASTERS You can also contribute by going to, or call 1-800-RED-CROSS to […]

Yesterday, if you got an e-mail about a tornado in Eastgate, it was actually false. There were e-mails sent around town, from an unknown source, of a funnel cloud hovering around the Eastgate Mall. At first it sent a lot of people in panic, re-circulating the e-mail and reposting the photos on facebook. However, no […]

ST. LOUIS —  A powerful tornado ripped through the St. Louis Airport Friday, cutting a 22-mile swath of destruction that tore through Concourse C. It was the area’s most powerful tornado in 44 years, according to the AP. The video below gives some real insight into how intense the St. Louis tornado really was, as […]

Known as the “tornado boy,” a teenager with a camera phone filmed a raging tornado live in action this week. Watch as he freaks out about one of nature’s potentially disastrous weather moments while he’s shooting the entire thing. Would you have stood there long enough to get it all on camera? Let us know […]