Yet another unarmed black man was shot and killed by police, this time in Tulsa, Oklahoma by a 73-year-old officer of the law who said…

In a ceremony described as “beautiful, spirit filled,” hundreds came together on Saturday for the funeral of Walter Scott, the unarmed South Carolina man who…

An Atlanta security guard, whose viral video of him using a taser on a violent woman, is getting worldwide financial support. A user of the website, crowdtilt.com, has helped raise over $23,000 to arm Darien Long and help him better police the 5 Points Plaza mall in Atlanta. Tells one reddit user: “He is a […]

The Atlanta security guard who tasered an unruly ratchet mom in a video that’s gone viral gave an interview to WSB-TV explaining his actions. Darrien Long was interviewed while wearing his security outfit — which is equipped with a pistol, bulletproof vest, taser and video camera. “I feel like the taser and the camera are the two most effective tools […]

Cincinnati Police officers will follow new rules when using their tasers. The police department revised its use of force policy to recommend officers aim for a suspect’s back with electronic barbs, except in case of self defense. The changes follow studies that show taser shots, to a suspect’s chest, increase the risk of death. To […]

With updates on the week’s most shocking and most discussed local news story still unfolding, many of the city’s residents and public officials are beginning to speak out more and more about the tragic incident that left 18-year-old North College Hill High School graduate Everett Howard dead just weeks before he moved onto college. Everett […]

CINCINNATI — Everette Howard, a student from Cincinnati was killed at the University Of Cincinati by campus police who used a taser on him after a confrontation. WLWT Cincinnati reports: Everette Howard, 18, died early Saturday morning. Friends said Howard was trying to break up a fight in front of Turner Hall when campus police […]

FULLERTON, Calif — Fullerton Police officers tased and beat Kelly Thomas, a mentally unstable homeless man to death in an incident that was caught on video. KABC reports: “They kept beating him and Tasering him. I could hear zapping, and he wasn’t even moving,” said Turgeon. “He had one arm in front of him like […]

A man was shocked with a Taser gun and taken into custody Thursday after police said he tried to steal a fire truck.

A man died Sunday night after being shocked with a Taser gun, said Mason police.