Baltimore County public schools are exploring ways to reduce suspensions for students of color. Hundreds of educators attended a two-day conference to find solutions.

News that a Black child was suspended for staring at a White classmate highlights an age-old debate about race, as well as the underlying notion of discrimination in schools when it comes to non-White students.

A school is defending the suspension of a 12-year-old Black student who allegedly "intimidated" a White student during a staring contest.

Lester Holt was originally scheduled to sit in the NBC Nightly News anchor chair for six months while Brian Williams served out his suspension, according…

Before Tom Brady’s surprising “deflategate” suspension announced this week, the National Football League has suspended other players for behaving badly on and off the field.…

Rap artist Tramar Lacell Dillard, better known as Flo Rida was arrested on charges of DUI and driving with a suspended license, police say in a report that’s just broken out this morning. Get the latest on the hot news story below and share your thoughts on the message board via Twitter and Facebook. RELATED […]

Talk about a windstorm of press and media attention. Laura Ingraham and Ed Schultz are at the forefront of our list of conversation topics today as news quickly spread about Schultz’s scathing comments about the conservative talk show host. Schultz launched a verbal attack on her this week calling her a “right-wing slut.” BOOM! Didn’t […]

Has the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center become Cincinnati's premiere party locale? Find out how one co-ed party went on far too long and what's happened since.