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Giant Magazine compiled a list of the seven top black directors and featured some of their notable works. Think you can name them? See the complete list here in Giant Magazine.

Spike Lee. What would make Spike Lee tweet or retweet the unconfirmed address of George Zimmerman.  Even if it was George Zimmerman’s address, wouldn’t he feel somewhat responsible if some crazy person did to George Zimmerman what George Zimmerman did to Trayvon Martin? Well, he did apologize and you can read it here.

Editor’s Note: This is the first installment of a two-part opinion series on Spike Lee’s criticisms of the film industry and Tyler Perry’s complicated relationship with black moviegoers. Tomorrow’s column will focus on why Terrell Jermaine Starr feels Tyler Perry should be a director all independent film makers should emulate. SEE ALSO: Has GOP Racism […]

Eddie Murphy will star in a movie about disgraced former Washington D.C. mayor directed by Spike Lee. Marion Barry was famously re-elected mayor after being caught smoking crack with a female friend on camera. Murphy is not known for dramatic roles but scored an Oscar nomination for his role in “Dreamgirls.” This would be the […]

Twenty years ago today, the epic movie “Malcolm X” was released in theaters. The movie starred Denzel Washington, who gave the performance of a lifetime capturing the passion and essence of Malcolm X. The three hour epic captured Malcolm’s transformation from street hustler to Muslim leader, and Angela Basset and Delroy Lindo contributed to an […]

Spike Lee is back to directing feature films after a after a 3-year beak from Hollywood. Lee is set to direct the South Korean blockbuster “Old Boy,” an adaptation of a manga that won the Grand Prize Jury Award at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. In making the announcement, Mandate describes the story “of a […]

LOS ANGELES — Film Director Spike Lee was recently interviewed by the Hollywood Reporter and criticized both Hollywood actors and The Oscars. “In 1989, ‘Do the Right Thing’ was not even nominated,” he said. “What film won best picture in 1989? ‘Driving Miss Mother F*cking Daisy!’ That’s why [Oscars] don’t matter. Because 20 years later, […]

Looks like Tyler Perry is on a roll…well, make that a new role to be exact. See the difference? Yes, we’re talking about adding another series to the list of top-rated TBS programming featuring the one and only Tyler Perry and his major skills on and off the camera. Word is spreading quite quickly this […]

Okay so no Black movies really deserve Oscars this year, sorry Tyler, but many Black movies have been Blackballed and ignored by the Oscars for years. Here are ten classic Black films overlooked by the Oscars. RELATED: Top 9 must see Black films 10. The Harder They Come This Jamaican movie had one of the […]

TORONTO – Director Spike Lee says he’s still waiting for Hollywood to open up to black filmmakers in a meaningful way.  Days before the Academy Award nominations are to be announced, the outspoken director says not much has changed since the historical 2002 Oscar wins of Denzel Washington and Halle Berry.

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