small business

Starting a business takes a lot of prayer, planning, confidence, and, most important, money. Some entrepreneurs have been able to start from literally nothing and build empires from the ground up. Others have come out of the gate looking for, and securing, small business loans to assist with the expenses associated with starting their own […]

I come from a long line of superwomen, and I am certain you do as well.

On June 30th, the Export-Import Bank’s charter will expire if Congress refuses to act. House Republicans are in full swing to diminish Ex-Im bank’s ability…

Cincinnati city officials are launching a program to help small businesses. The city’s teaming up with a web-based lending platform that would link businesses with investors. Loans with up to $400,000 are to be available to local small businesses for creating jobs in the city. Recent Stories: Hamilton County Property Tax Rollback Will Be Cut […]