4 Year Old Destroys Babysitter’s Plan To “Blame The Black Man” In Home Robbery It’s no secret that “blame the black man” is a time…

A friend recently asked me how I felt about residents of my hometown – Detroit – carrying guns to protect themselves in a city where…

Police have released surveilance video of an attempted purse snatching in downtown Cincinnati early yesterday. They’re trying to identify two suspects, who followed a woman into an alley between sixth and seventh streets around 7:30 A.M. 67 year-old Mary Milliken was shoved to the ground, but held on to her belongings. Recent Stories: Got A […]

Pittsburgh Police are looking for whoever attacked the girlfriend, of Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman, at the teams hotel this week. Investigators say the woman was found tied up inside her room. She was apparently robbed by someone, claiming to be a maintenance man at the hotel. Click here to read more. Recent Stories: 3D N-Word! […]

A Detroit man is being hailed as a hero after he gave his own life in a robbery so that his wife could be spared. SEE ALSO: Man Stabbed At Airport, Gets On Flight Anyway Tommie Caldwell, 63, was fatally shot when robbers entered the northwest Detroit home he shared with his wife. Caldwell was […]

A Georgia man is feeling rather idiotic after being caught in the act attempting to rob a Quick Trip station in Snellville, Ga. Stephen Daniel, 21, can be  seen in surveillance footage walking up to the clerk  and demanding all the cash. What the video does not capture is a police officer standing behind him […]

SYRACUSE-Anthony Stewart, a 15-year-old boy from Onondaga County was sentenced to two years in a juvenile facility for robbing a 73-year-old man for 7 cents with a bb-gun. The judge refused to try Stewart as a youthful offender because Stewart denied the robbery. The Huffington Post reports: Unlike Stewart, his accomplice, Skyler Ninham, 16, pleaded […]

Former American Idol alumni Anware Robinson was nearly shot to death during a robbery recently. At one of his previous shows, Robinson spoke to the audience. He said that while driving home with his friend Joshua three young men attempted to rob him. In fear for his life he drove off. The three assailants pursued […]

Talk about a lot for a little. A South Carolina woman has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for armed robbery and possession of a violent weapon during a convenience store holdup. Connie Murray Dumas, 40, stole a total of $94 in cash from the store. In the robbery, no one was hurt — […]

NEW YORK, New York — Wings Academy high-school basketball star Deonte Houston was charged with first-degree robbery after he and three others allegedly stole an iPod from a 15-year-old boy. NY Daily News reports: The 17-year-old point guard and his cohorts rode their bikes into Pugsley Creek Park in Clason Point at 6 p.m. Sunday […]

Cincinnati police officers have closed down southbound I-75 this morning as a high speed chase heats up. An armed man who robbed a West Chester bank has led officers down I-75 South. All lanes remain shut down. Negotiations between the man and authorities are in progress as we speak. For your continued safety and concern, […]

Texas — “If you move, no one will have a Merry Christmas.” Those are the cold words of a gunman who robbed a Texas business Tuesday night.