As soon as I heard the news that Fred Shutlesworth had passed away, I knew that I needed to talk to Andrew M. Manis. Andrew spent 10 years writing, arguably, the definitive biography on the late Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, ” A Fire That You Can’t Hold”  If you flip to the back jacket of the […]

This morning, on the TJMS, Roland Martin invited Sephira Shuttlesworth, the wife of the late Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth. She gave a great reflection on his life, his work, and his struggle for civil rights among African Americans. In case you missed the interview, you can listen below. Do have any memories of the famous civil […]


The Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, civil rights leader, has died in Birmingham at the age of 89.   Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth survived a bombing, assault, fire hoses and countless arrests while fighting for justice.  In 1997, he told a group of school children that he went to jail 30 or 40 times not for doing wrong but […]