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When people tend to look at celebrities: be it singers, actors, or anyone in the spotlight. If they follow them enough and read about them…


Serena Williams has finally released a statement about her emergency operation for a hematoma on Monday. The tennis star called the pulmonary embolism “scary,” according to People. “Thank you everyone for all of your prayers, concerns, and support. This has been extremely hard, scary, and disappointing. I am doing better, I’m at home now and […]


1230AM WDBZ The Buzz is still sending up prayers and showing support for Darwin Hobbs. Details and updates inside now.


Experience more music and special reports related to national gospel recording artist Darwin Hobbs who has reportedly been hospitalized today.


The entire gospel music industry is interceding on behalf of Cincinnati's own, national recording artist Darwin Hobbs. Details inside.


Breaking news and updates on Cincinnati's own gospel sensation Darwin Hobbs. Find out more inside.