President Donald Trump

VP thanks, Buckeye state and promises we won’t be forgotten. Mike Pence paid a visit to those who would listen in Reynoldsburg about the president’s promises to the state. President Donald Trump being able to win Ohio sealed the deal for his victory. Many who voted for him felt he can bring jobs back to […]

It didn’t last long for a rally for President Donald Trump to get rowdy but it did. Today what started off as a peaceful rally in front of the Ohio Statehouse turn into a clash of words once critics of the president made their voices heard. Local reports show supporters carrying signs with messages like “Christians Love Trump” […]

A day after President Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union address, five members of the House Democrats' Faith Working Group came together to respond to the speech that one leader says failed "to offer solutions to poverty, unemployment or economic insecurity."

The Senate voted 58-41 to confirm Ben Carson, a former neurosurgeon and presidential candidate, as the leader of HUD.

Carson, like Betsy DeVos, was nominated to head an agency where he holds no actual past job experience.

Michelle Obama's facial expressions on Donald Trump's Inauguration Day were those of a Black woman who’d had enough trying to pretend the corroded lemons in front of her could be turned into lemonade.

Joy Villa shocked the crowd when she revealed a dress with "Make America Great Again," and "Trump" bedazzled on the front and back.

Travis Kalanick's announcement comes a week after Uber users boycotted the hailing service.

Reported accounts given on condition of anonymity, claim the mission was carried out with insufficent planning.

Tillerson's confirmation comes amid high tensions between republicans and democrats embroiled in contentious battles over Trump's cabinet picks.

About 30 protesters gathered outside Trump Tower to speak out against President Donald Trump's SCOTUS pick, Neil Gorsuch.

Mike Hager was the only person allowed through the gates, while the rest of his family was left behind, including his sickly mother, Naimma.