Post Office

If there’s one thing Congress loves, it’s naming post offices. Even during their least productive year, they still managed to name at least 40 post offices and other public buildings. Yet several Republican congressmen broke with that beloved tradition when they refused to vote to name a North Carolina branch after the trailblazing author Maya Angelou […]

Nine GOP lawmakers voted against naming a post office after Maya Angelou. These bills usually get unanimous support.

Greater Cincinnati postal workers want to keep their six-day work week. They rallied Sunday at Cincinnati’s main office to protest plans to cut mail deliveries from six days to five. The postal workers union says cutting one delivery day would hurt a large portion of the country, who depends on getting mail delivered on Saturday. […]

Today is Presidents Day (February 19th). If you have the day off, enjoy the rest and relaxation! Of course this is a bank and government holiday, so you may not have access to these services today. In regards to Tri-State banks, Fifth Third Bank and U.S. Bank branches are closed. However, their in-store bank-marts inside […]

One of the nation’s largest employers of African-Americans is planning cost-cutting measures that could involve layoffs. Last week, the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors met to find ways to make up for losing $15.9 billion in revenue last year. It is reported that because congress has not provided funding, the post office is losing […]

Noting the increasing rise in electronic bill payment and communications, the U.S. Postal Service is continuing with plans to end next-day services and sought approval to eliminate 28,000 jobs,  Reuters reports. Still, the nation’s second largest employer is rolling out commemorative stamps for the nostalgic and collectors including a new Kwanzaa stamp, and a series […]