A consultant to the City of Cincinnati says the fees involved in leasing the city parking spots to an outside firm are too high. A memo from Walker Public Consultants shows costs are more than double what the city was spending previously. The memo wasn’t given to city council, or the port authority, before the […]

It appears Cincinnati residents will vote on the city’s parking system lease this November. A group, opposing the plan, turned in nearly 20,000 signatures yesterday to put the referendum on the ballot. City officials are threatening to lay off police and firefighters without upfront lease funds.Meanwhile, city council is looking for alternatives to those cuts. […]

The push is underway to put Cincinnati’s controversial parking system lease on a ballot. On Sunday, a petition drive was launched in Oakley Square, where dozens of people signed for a referendum in November. The group, Citizens Opposed to Additional Spending (COAST), is supporting the petition drive. They say Cincinnati city officials need to make […]

Plans to privatize Cincinnati’s parking lots and meters are coming under fire from neighborhood groups. Business leaders in Hyde Park, Oakley, and other areas say putting parking in private hands will boost rates and end free weekend parking. The move is under consideration to fill a budget shortfall. Recent Stories: Oh Great, What Did Katt […]