You might be sitting in front of your computer right now reading this and craving an afternoon snack. Potato chips, a Snickers bar, ice cream or a slice of homemade lemon pound cake from yesterday’s Sunday dinner actually sounds pretty good? Hold that thought before you start salivating on your keyboard and mouse pad. What […]

Do you recall these familiar faces? From left to right? Of course you do. It’s the beloved TV/entertainment family comprised of superstars Sonny & Cher and their daughter years ago on the hit variety show that further propelled their careers beyond imaginable heights. As expected, the remaining members of this larger than life family have […]

Juliet Forde’s mother gave her up when she was only five years old, and since then she has moved from foster home to foster home. Now 18, Juliet comes to Pam to help find her mother, Nicole. Watch as Pam attempts to break down Juliet’s tough exterior caused by a painful past. Check out this […]

OPRAH’S GOT A SECRET? WHAT DO YOU THINK IT COULD BE? Oprah’s legions fans are trying to figure out what her shocking announcement will be on Monday’s show that will shock the world. The daytime host teased the following in an recent promo: “I was given some news that literally shook me to my core. […]

It’s official! Radio One Cincinnati and 1230AM WDBZ The Buzz are beyond elated to announce the newest addition to the family. New for 2011, we welcome Gayle King, hostess of her own national radio and newly developed television show “The Gayle King Show” to 1230AM WDBZ The Buzz premiering Monday, January 10th live on the air […]

Who decides if you are going to going to be a success or failure? Believe it or not the answer is “you”.