Occupy Wall Street Protests

After being evicted from its original encampment at Frank Ogawa Plaza outside of Oakland’s City Hall, and after weeks of  highly publicized confrontations between protestors and authorities, Occupy Oakland is fighting hard to stay alive. In the spirit of the Oakland demonstrations, which have moved to the forefront of the national Occupy movement, Good Magazine […]

One of the first Black celebrities openly supporting the Occupy Wall St. movement was Russell Simmons. Unlike some celebs who stopped by the movement for a rebellious photo opportunity, Russell appears sincere to staying the course. Rich as he may be Russell recently told The Huffington Post : “It’s part of human kindness and I […]

Since being evicted by authorities from their original encampment, Occupy Oakland protestors have been forced to move once again. See also: Al Sharpton’s New MSNBC Commercial Features Pie See also: Alex Haley House Museum Police forced some 200 protestors from a vacant lot in west Oakland Tuesday evening after the owner of the lot denied allowing demonstrators […]

NEW YORK (AP) — During the first two months of the nationwide Occupy protests, the movement that is demanding more out of the wealthiest Americans cost local taxpayers at least $13 million in police overtime and other municipal services, according to a survey by The Associated Press. The heaviest financial burden has fallen upon law […]

On Tuesday’s visit to New Hampshire, President Barack Obama’s jobs speech was interrupted by protesters affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement. While the movement members used their “human microphone” technique, members of the audience booed. Notably, Obama sided with the protesters, saying “It’s OK.” The Washington Post reports what happened next: Then he directly […]

American sculptor Daniel Edwards, an Occupy Wall Street movement supporter has crafted a sculpture of rapper Jay-Z, with cartoon characters, Scrooge McDuck, Mr. Burns from “The Simpsons” and Richie Rich.All three characters are known for their wealth and opulence, while Mr. Burns and Scrooge McDuck are known for their greed. The sculpture features Jay-Z shirtless […]

This is part one of a three-part series exploring the demographics, opinions and challenges of black Americans who are part of the “black 1 percent” — the top earning black households in the U.S. CNBC’s Shartia Brantley is a regular contributor to theGrio. The Occupy movement has stretched far beyond the borders of Wall Street […]

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The president of the University of California system said he was “appalled” at images of protesters being doused with pepper spray and plans an assessment of law enforcement procedures on all 10 campuses, as two police officers and the police chief were placed on administrative leave. “Free speech is part of […]

Video has surfaced online of a police officer pepper spraying students from the University of California Davis who were conducting a peaceful protest on campus. The video has led the chancellor of the university to call for an official investigation. See Also: Explore The Great Town Of Los Angeles, California “The use of the pepper […]

The protester who busted his head open during a scuffle with New York City police officers was the first person to set up a residential tent inside Zuccotti park, a fellow protester told NewYorkDailyNews.com.

A single mother from Detroit is organizing an effort to bring the concerns of people of color to the global Occupy Wall Street movement.

Name: Natasha Age: 31 Occupation: Student/ Airforce Veteran Being that I just came out the Air Force, it’s hard for me to find a job. Now I’m going to school full-time just seeing if I can keep up with everyone. I’m here with the 99 percent because that’s what I am. One of the 99 […]