A letter addressed to President Barack Obama tested positive for the poison ‘ricin’ and was from the same sender who mailed a letter to a senator that also tested positive, officials told NBC News on Wednesday. RELATED::Is Sex on a First Date a Relationship Killer? The letter to Obama was intercepted at an off-site White […]

President Obama has just made history, again. According to the White House, the Commander-in-Chief appointed Julia A. Pierson, a veteran U.S. Secret Service agent, as the first female director of the agency in charge of protecting the president and his family. MUST READ: President Obama To Name Harriet Tubman Tribute A National Monument “Over her 30 years […]

Via Telegraph Barack Obama’s hopes of a smooth start to his first presidential trip to Israel suffered a hitch on Wednesday when his armoured limousine broke down. The hulking vehicle, nicknamed “the Beast” for its supposed robustness in the face of potential attacks, juddered to a halt on the motorway between Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion […]

President shakes it off. “I wouldn’t feel comfortable if I didn’t have at least one heckler.” WASHINGTON — President Obama was heckled by a member of the audience during a speech at the Jerusalem International Convention Center Thursday. As Obama was extolling the virtues of Israel’s political system and free press, a man began yelling […]

President of the United States Barack Obama has said some pretty interesting things. Sometimes, the President has amazing rhetoric. Other times, his rhetoric is overtaken by the hilariously unbelieveable things coming out of his mouth. We have comiled a list of the top 10 things Obama has said that literally made you laugh out loud. […]

I missed the first one.  When Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in as our first African-American president with an agenda that I believed passionately in,…

The president of the Ohio Board of Education has taken down her Facebook page, after posting a link to a website that appeared to compare President Obama with Hitler. Green Township Republican Debe Terhar, said she shared her friend’s link because it involved gun rights. Terhar said she never made the comparison, but wanted to […]

Via Source Sometimes, it might seem like the battles for our rights and liberties are some distant memory – even something you’ve only read about in a textbook or seen in a documentary. The Emancipation Proclamation was signed a century and a half ago. The marches and boycotts and lunch counter sit-ins of the civil rights […]

Tonight is the last Presidential debate.  Who will come out on top?  You can watch the live stream here and find out. Like The Buzz 1230 on Facebook to stay updated with the latest news and original content! Recent Updates       Cleveland Paper Endorses Obama, Columbus Paper Endorses Romney       Could the Juice Be Loose Once Again? […]

The video above has already surpassed a half million views.  Through some clever editing and a mashup combined with MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” we now have “U Didn’t Build That”.  Watch and enjoy! Like The Buzz 1230 on Facebook to stay updated with the latest news and original content! RECENT UPDATES- Inspirational Minute: […]

President Obama seems to have been caught flirting with a fan! However, this little fan was all smiles when she got to meet the president. These are the some photos President Obama took when meeting this cute little girl! Like The Buzz 1230 on Facebook to stay updated with the latest news and original content! […]

Most of America seems to have their eye on The Democratic National Convention more than anything else on television. The speakers and guests of the Charlotte, N.C. based convention have all been highlighted and examined. However, the man that many viewers have been looking forward to see has spoken. The current President Barack Obama took the […]