natural disaster

This morning, we’re continuing to track the details and updates from the Joplin, Missouri area as thousands of residents are displaced from the recent storms. Power outages, wreckage and widespread damage and death tolls are at the top of the nation’s weather alerts and updates as we watch the aftermath of the big storms take […]

Parts of the city of Joplin, Missouri are completely unrecognizable this morning as a major change in weather caused a deadly twister to rip through the area this weekend killing 89 residents. Cars are stacked and strewn everywhere and the latest reports show houses are now over-sized piles of wreckage. CNN is reporting today that […]

Pastor Damon Lynch, III, members of  New Prospect Baptist Church and community volunteers traveled to Tuscaloosa, Alabama last weekend with donations to help support that community.  Check out how 1230 The Buzz listeners supported that effort and find more ways you can still be involved. RELATED LINKS: RADIO ONE CARES NATURAL DISASTER RELIEF PROJECT SOUTHERN STATE […]

On April 16th, what started off as a normal day would turn into something completely different not only for me but the entire Shaw family. My day started with a meeting with our sorority graduate chapter at the graduate house only minutes from school. What I thought would be a rather long meeting, turned into […]

The American Red Cross is encouraging general donations as part of helping those impacted by the Alabama and southern tornados. The text fundraising system is up and running as is the toll free. MORE WAYS YOU CAN SUPPORT THOSE DEVASTATED BY NATURAL DISASTERS You can also contribute by going to, or call 1-800-RED-CROSS to […]

As if there wasn’t already enough to worry about in Haiti with the ongoing turmoil it’s people are still enduring after this year’s devastating earthquake, today there’s news that the recent cholera outbreak is another catastrophe threatening to choke the life out many. Another 11,000 people have been diagnosed and sickened with the disease while […]