Daily Praise

In this edition of the Love Talk, GRIFF is moved in his spirit to say something to all the men listening out there who may feel like things aren’t going the way they want them to be. He explains that men, because of their nature of wanting to fix things, not show emotion and just […]


T.I. is expected to be released from prison in September. He and Lil’ Wayne seem to be some of the few rappers who was able to stay in contact with the fans from prison. T.I.’s final letter to the fans from prison hit the net today. Check out the letter below. What up world? This […]

CHECK OUT LINCOLN WARE’S SPECIAL BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE TO THE ONE & ONLY PATTI LABELLE RELATED LINKS: Happy Birthday to Patti LaBelle Patti LaBelle Gets an Old School/New School Upgrade Patti LaBelle Receives Honorary Degree Kyte.Embed.path=”http://media.kyte.tv”;Kyte.Embed.altpath=”http://www.kyte.tv”;window.kyteplayer=new Kyte.Player(“”,{appKey:”default”,width:416,height:312,p:”1763″,s:1345662,tbid:”8″}); TAKE THE OFFICIAL PATTI POLL ON OUR HOME PAGE TO PICK YOUR FAVORITE PATTI LABELLE SONG. WE’LL HAVE THE […]


RADIO ONE CEO/FOUNDER CATHY HUGHES HAS A SPECIAL HOLIDAY WISH JUST FOR YOU LISTEN BELOW TO GET ONE ON ONE WITH CATHY HUGHES THIS CHRISTMAS Thank you for the years of continued love and support of Radio One. Here’s to 30 more years and beyond. Let’s keep urban radio, news talk and our favorite music […]


How seriously do you take the personal lives of your favorite celebrities? Do you think they're more vulnerable to undetected cries for help? Find out what happened as one of Hip Hop's most popular stars unveiled a series of unsettling Twitter messages over the weekend and let us know what you think - should we be more careful and look out for our celebrities more often?


Twitter drama becomes a distraction for Cleveland Browns cornerback Brandon McDonald and Terrell Owens. Find out what happened inside now.


Check out this special video package featuring members of Bibleway COGIC where the life, legacy and ministry of Cincinnati's own Dr. Abraham Swanson XII will be honored beginning tomorrow.