Courtesy of: Robin Akinwale – Radio One Baltimore, Pictured: Cathy Hughes with Radio One Baltimore Cathy Hughes, Founder, Chairperson of the Board and Secretary of Radio One, Inc. was honored with the Distinguished Civil Rights Advocate Award by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law in conjunction with the National Bar Association Wednesday […]

Ms. Drama caught up with Radio One’s founder, Cathy Hughes to discuss the vision of TV One and why they are focused on the positive portrayal of black people from a black perspective. Ms.Hughes critiqued Mo’Nique’s performance in “Precious” as “the worst portrayal of a black women that’s ever been in cinema.” She also addressed […]

In this country we have a very large celebrity culture, and it sometimes seems as though people can become a ‘celebrity’ for not really achieving anything at all. Kim Kardashian anyone? Just take a look at the magazine covers next time you’re walking down the street, chances are a reality star, or celeb scandal will […]

There has been much speculation and commentary on the recent media attention given to a family who’s five-year-old male child has been permitted and encouraged to actively dress as if he’s a girl. Pink dresses, princess costumes worn as daily outfits, bedazzled garments fit for a little girl and more have caught the attention and […]

In a recent interview Fantasia tells Vibe that she feels her “African and more ethnic features” played a role in the coverage she received from the mainstream media regarding her affair with her married boyfriend as oppose to the coverage Alicia Keys received.

Meet the new editor-in-chief of Ebony magazine - Amy DuBois Barnett. Tell us what you think of her impressive resume and the direction the esteemed publication might be headed in this year.