Long Island

Two White officers in Long Island, N.Y., allegedly laughed when Ronald Lanier identified himself as a former law enforcement official.

Two black orderlies are alleging that an anesthesiologist and technician at North Shore University Hospital harassed them with nooses and racist comments, according to a…

Long Island police fired multiple shots at two blood thirsty pit bulls that attacked a 62-year-old woman yesterday in a school parking lot. Sashi Sharma had just finished exercising at the schools track when she was attacked by the dogs in the parking lot. Sharma is in serious condition at Nassau University Medical Center with bites to […]

LONG ISLAND — Health officials are claiming that a person involved at the communion process has Hepatitis A at Our Lady of Lourdes in Long Island. MSNBC reports: Hundreds of people may have been exposed to hepatitis A while receiving communion on Christmas Day at a church, health officials said. The Nassau County Health Department […]