In this edition of the Get Up Poll, Erica Campbell asks listeners to share stories about a situation that just about everyone inevitably finds themselves in at one point or another. When the urge to laugh strikes, it is often pretty difficult to keep it from entering. Even if you’re at a funeral, in church, […]

In light of the swarming controversy around Cincinnati city councilman Chris Bortz and his alleged use of the “N-word” this week, we launched one of our exclusive Buzzworthy Poll question – a hot topic designed for each of our Buzz listeners to respond to live on The Lincoln Ware Show. This past week’s Buzzworthy poll […]

Pastor Damon Lynch, III, members of  New Prospect Baptist Church and community volunteers traveled to Tuscaloosa, Alabama last weekend with donations to help support that community.  Check out how 1230 The Buzz listeners supported that effort and find more ways you can still be involved. RELATED LINKS: RADIO ONE CARES NATURAL DISASTER RELIEF PROJECT SOUTHERN STATE […]

WCHB – Florida Representative Kelli Stargel has submitted a controversial ideal for education reform, suggesting that teachers should grade parents just like the grade students. She explains: “We have student accountability, we have teacher accountability, and we have administration accountability. This was the missing link, which was, look at the parent and making sure the […]