A principal attempts to swat a 5 yr. old while the mother watches. Would you let your child go through this?

Is Nick Cannon encouraging people not to vote. Some are saying that this is a slap in the face of those people who fought and died for the right to vote. Others say he has a very good point. See for yourself… WARNING: Video contains EXPLICIT language!

Arkansas Police arrest man for disorderly conduct. Some are saying that he could have avoided the arrest if he had just followed orders from officers. Other people think this further demonstrates how some officers seem to be waging a war on Black people. What do you think?

Katt Williams’ life seems to be spiraling out of control and it seems to be unfolding right in front of our eyes. We have seen videos of the comedian involved in a number of altercations. This time it seems that he is involved in an altercation with a child, and Katt seems to be on […]

Gospel superstar Kirk Franklin has always blurred the lines between gospel and secular music. Some traditional gospel music fans have always had a problem with his music. There is a video of him performing and dancing to his hit song “Melodies From Heaven” that is causing a new stir. Some people are asking if he […]

More incidents of violence occurred this weekend at a rally for presidential hopeful Donald Trump.  Saturday in Tucson, Arizona violence erupted at a rally when a protester wearing a KKK hood and his ally was being escorted out of the rally. The protester was attacked by an African American man.  He was punched kicked and […]

Lincoln Ware does a grueling 4 hour show but, even when the show is over, there is always One Last Thing left to say. Today he talks about the Republican Party.

Lincoln Ware does a grueling 4 hour show but even when the show is over there is always one last thing left to say…

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