Laura Ingraham

Scores of students staged a walk-out on Monday to express disdain for the President-Elect Donald Trump.

Ingraham was riding high until the gesture was pointed out. Conservatives used her speech as the prime example of what a 2016 RNC speaker should do, endorse Donald Trump with sweeping praise — which was the exact opposite route Ted Cruz took later in the evening.

Media pundits paid to say incredibly asinine and ridiculous things about President Barack Obama (pictured) in an effort to patronize a bunch of crazy people…

Former Secretary of State and retired four-star general in the United States Army Colin Powell, own his own accord, used his appearance on this past Sunday’s…

Talk about a windstorm of press and media attention. Laura Ingraham and Ed Schultz are at the forefront of our list of conversation topics today as news quickly spread about Schultz’s scathing comments about the conservative talk show host. Schultz launched a verbal attack on her this week calling her a “right-wing slut.” BOOM! Didn’t […]

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