The FDA has approved a treatment for kids with peanut allergies.  The hope it that the treatment will lessen the effect of an accidental ingestion of peanut products. This is not being touted as a cure but it may be helpful. Click here for more details

A close call with a crocodile in a country creek is the talk of Preble County on Thursday. Locals are quick to tell you in Bantas Fork Creek, one expects to see a crawdad or a small turtle and maybe even a 4-pound bass from time to time. But, not 7.5 feet of watery danger. […]

Zaila Avant Garde is not even in middle school and has basketball skills like a pro!

In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF asks God to help kids cut parents some slack when it comes to giving gifts this Christmas. The items on kids’ wish lists seem to just keep getting more and more expensive, and who can realistically afford all of these fancy gadgets every year? GRIFF asks that God […]

While we’re all scrambling through toy stores to find Hatchimals, iPhones and every other sold-out item worth panhandling for, there is a hefty lot of alternatives out there that will impress the most trendy teen, fickle adult and snobby toddler. I’ve put together a list of gifts that won’t get you trampled like the Black […]

For this Get Up Poll, parents called in and gave their best tips on raising children. One man, a single parent to a young boy and girl, calls in a says he always tells his kids, “it’s easy to be nothing.” One woman notes how much she hates witnessing mothers out in public cussing out […]

In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF thanks God for kids growing up and finding their way.  He notes that they’ve changed so much since childhood, that they often don’t remember their smaller, stinkier, dirtier selves. They don’t want to remember it, in fact. He prays for all of the parents and teachers and other […]

In this Get Up Poll, Erica Campbell and GRIFF are asking listeners if biological parents have the right to be directly involved in their child’s life if they’re not around. Much of the time, estranged biological parents, or parents who aren’t in the household, aren’t too keen on the idea of hands-on step-parents or significant […]

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith has been a big advocate for advancing the representation of people of color in the film industry. In following her passion, she, along with her husband Will Smith, launched a nationwide “Careers In Entertainment” tour on Sept. 21 that aims to help underserved youth around America, particularly those of color, who […]

Dr. Steve Perry is a former principal of Capital Preparatory Magnet School in Hartford Connecticut, a school that sees 100% of its predominantly low-income students off to four year institutions. Dr. Steve Perry is revolutionizing education in America. He says it is a blessing when you have the opportunity to help a child discover who […]

GETTY IMAGES: National Play-Doh Day is observed annually on September 16th.  Play-Doh inventor Joe McVicker actually sold it originally as a wallpaper cleaner but the world had another use for his product.  Play-Doh was inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame in 1998. Here is an excerpt from the Hall of Fame induction found at Play-Doh […]

Pull out the drill…dig up that dirt. “Oh we’re moving mulch, yeah, we’re doing everything but welding basically,” said Thomas Russ, Executive Director of Morgan Stanley for the Northern Ohio region. More than 200 volunteers exploded onto Griot Village in the Fairfax neighborhood, putting their hands to good use. “The energy is just off the […]