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A Cincinnati City Councilman is accusing its city’s mayor of bribery. WLWT reports that Councilman Wendell Young will go to the U.S. Attorney’s office, today, to file a complaint about Mayor John Cranley. He claims that Cranley asked him what he could do for Young in return for Young voting for the city manager’s severance […]

Oh what a tangled web we weave.  Whatever happends next it’s clear that first city concil meeting under new Mayor John Cranley got off to a contentious start.  There was a special  four hour heated debate on the controversial streetcar project and according to local news sources, 71 people spoke in favor of the streetcar with […]

Yesterday it was reported tthat  Cincinnati City Manager was given an ultimatum- quit or be fired and last night during a press conference on Fountain Square,  Mayor-Elect John Cranley confirmed that he had accepted Dohoney’s resignation.  This news comes as no surprise since Milton Dohoney has crafted everything that John Cranley is against. Hold on […]

Recent reports predicting a low voter turnout for yesterday’s election prove to be accurate. Tuesday’s voter turnout was about 28 percent of registered voters. In addition to a newly-elected mayor, John Cranley decisively beating  Vice-Mayor Roxanne Qualls  there were some upsets including Laure Quinlivan and Pam Thomas being replaced on city council by Kevin Flynn […]

The candidates to become Cincinnati’s next mayor will hit the streets hard over the next three weeks, pushing the priorities laid out in their last debates. Vice mayor Roxanne Qualls, and former city councilman John Cranley met last night to promote their plans, if elected, while criticizing each other’s experience and plans. Qualls wants to […]

2013 Cincinnati Mayoral Debate by 1230thebuzz on Mixcloud The two candidates, vying to be the successor to Mark Mallory, answered a lot of questions in an attempt to get Cincinnatian’s votes this week. John Cranley and Roxanne Qualls answered questions from a panel, Tuesday, at the Freedom Center. One of the people in the panel […]

Did you watch Lincoln Ware ask the tough questions during the WKRC TV Local 12 mayoral debate?  Talk amongst yourselves tonight and on Wednesday morning call Lincoln at 749-1230 and tell him what you thought about the debate. By the way, answer our poll question about the debate:

Early voting opens this morning at the Hamilton County Board of elections, and through mail-in balloting for Cincinnati elections. Voters will choose between Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls and former city councilman John Cranley for mayor. There’s also a charter amendment that would shut down Cincinnati’s current pension system. Click here for more info on early […]

The battle of words is underway between Cincinnati’s mayoral candidates. Vice mayor Roxanne Qualls and former city councilman John Cranley sparred yesterday in their first debate. The candidates oppose each other on the streetcar and parking lease, but agreed not to raise the city’s two percent earnings tax. Recent Stories: Triple Shooting at North Fairmount […]

Nearly non-existent voter turnout is leading for calls to scrap Cincinnati’s mayoral primary. Less than 6% of the city’s registered voters cast ballots Tuesday, leading critics to question whether the $400,000 cost of the election was worth it. A proposal to create a “winner take all” election in November would require a change in the […]

Former city councilman, John Cranley, is in the driver’s seat heading into the November election. Cranley led all vote-getters in yesterday’s four-way mayoral primary, besting vice mayor Roxanne Qualls by nearly a two to one margin. Cranley and Qualls will face off again in November, as they offer different views on Cincinnati’s parking lease and […]