Jesse Lee Peterson

A Los Angeles pastor said that giving women the right to vote was America’s greatest mistake, the Daily Mail reports. Rev. Jesse Lee Paterson, an African-American Tea Party advocate, made his stupid-headed remakes during a sermon, if you want to call it that, back in March. But his comments are getting more attention as of […]

The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, the super-conservative African American Republican who has campaigned vigorously against Kwanzaa (“The Racist Holiday From Hell” he has called it), the Rev. Jesse Jackson Jr. and President Barack Obama, said he has a simple solution to black America’s employment woes: hard labor. “One of the things that I would do […]

Yes you read that right, and I was just as shocked as you were!  Peterson is quoted as saying, “It’s like riding on a crowded airplane, and we’re not in first class.” I couldn’t believe my ears when I was hearing this and wanted to share it with all of you.  Let me know what […]